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Top tips for making your enterprise social network a runaway success

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Top tips for making your enterprise social network a runaway success

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So you’ve made it through the hardest parts of implementing your enterprise social network: launching, moderating, and getting execs to participate. Now all you need to do is keep the momentum going! Here are some tips to help you make your network a success and ensure it stays that way.

Build your community steadily

You can’t force people to get involved in an enterprise social network any more than you can force people to make friends with each another. Conduct your roll out gradually and allow people to slowly make their way into the platform. A community will form on its own over time as people build relationships with one another. Sit back and watch it happen.

Share successes and reward people

Create use cases and success stories to share with your colleagues to publicise wins across the business. Shout-out and feature users that are leading the way in the enterprise social network, and reward and recognise good practice and users who help other colleagues.

Employ a passionate Community Manager

Get a Community Manager that is genuinely passionate about community. They will support and encourage users to engage with one another and build community relations. A Community Manager will train and support group owners empowering them to become micro-community managers. It’s important to remember that community managers are not social media managers – their role is to foster a community, not manage communications.

Focus on people, not on tools

Remember that your company has a social network already. The tools you’ve employed are simply to enable and extend it beyond physical barriers and better facilitate natural collaboration. Don’t dwell on whether people are using the tools ‘right’ but rather look at whether users are collaborating more easily, developing relationships quicker, and extending their professional-social circles wider.

Trust your employees

You’ve implemented this system to help your employees, so trust that they will use it for good. When people see the value in the system they will use it as it should be used, and conversely when people use it as it should be used they will see the value. So make sure that you don’t put too many barriers in the way of adoption. Trust that they will use it professionally and within the bounds of company codes.

If you follow these guidelines you and your colleagues should gain vast amounts of value through your enterprise social network. Remember, the success of the network rests on it becoming integrated into the way people work and communicate. It’s not easy to change the way people think or connect with others, so be patient and persistent.

Very best of luck with your enterprise social network! We’d love to hear how you get on in the comments below.


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