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Top Tools for AngularJS development

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Tools for AngularJS development

Developers have many options to build a website. With time, experts have enhanced the web development process and made it easier and faster for the developers. Many frameworks and their tools have been introduced in the market. Among them, to develop a dynamic web page, AngularJS has become a top choice for the developers, as it offers simple syntax and a clean architect with extensive features of HTML 5.

Glance on AngluarJS framework:

  • Based on Javascript.

  • Maintained by Google.

  • Helps in developing Single Page Applications (SPAs).

  • Aims to simplify both the testing and development process.

  • Reusable HTML components, code generation, and inbuilt testability feature.

Let’s know about its multiple tools, which help in different aspects of the development process. 

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AngularJS Development Tools


Karma is a tool for testing an AngularJS application. This tool makes the testing process easier for AngularJS developers. Karma's features are beneficial for the long-run development processes. It helps to test your website on different devices.

  • Known as a Javascript test runner.

  • Easy Debugging.

  • Real-time browser implementation.

  • Supports unit-testing, midway testing, and E2E testing.


Webstorm is a smart and advanced code text editor tool. It supports different programming languages, including Node.JS, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Webstorm is blended with rich modern features, as it helps to count out the errors at a time when developers use to do coding and debugging process.

  • Best coding tool for CSS and HTML.

  • Known as the best coding assistance.

  • Helps to develop server-side web apps with Node.JS.

  • One-stop IDE ( Integrated Development Environment).

  • This tool suggests a quick-fix option in the coding process failure.


Protector is known as the automation testing tool for Angular applications. It is developed with powerful tools and technologies like Selenium Webdriver, Node.js, and Jasmine. 

  • Built on WebDriverJS.

  • Automation testing tool.

  • End to end testing tool.

  • This tool interacts as a user only.

  • Multiple browsers support (Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome).


AngularFire helps to create the backend of AngularJS apps. It makes developing backends easier for developers. AngularFire is the official library that helps to connect to Firebase.

  • Offers Realtime Database and flexible API.

  • Authenticate users.

  • Server-Side Rendering.

  • Monitor application performance.

  • 3-way data binding.


Mean is considered as the most useful and powerful tool in the AngularJS. It helps to modify or write reusable code. This AngularJS tool is a combination of pre-bundled and configured modules, such as Passport and Mongoose.

  • Open Source.

  • Full stack Javascript solution.

  • Helps to build robust and manageable production web applications.


Moacha.JS is a Javascript testing framework. This framework is written in Javascript. It is one of the most flexible and simple AngularJS tools. This tool helps developers to gain knowledge from an extensive library and is a powerful framework of Angular.JS.

  • Offers browser and async support.

  • Provides auto exit and Testing support.

  • Feature-rich framework.


Jasmine is a well-known AngularJS development tool. It is a testing tool, mostly is used with the Karma tool. This tool doesn’t rely on browsers and excludes external dependencies. Jasmine is particularly designed for the Node.js platforms.

  • Allows users to read, write, and test code easily.

  • Automatically detects JS classes.

  • Used for behavior-driven development

  • Particularly designed for Node.JS

  • Free to run from anywhere.


These are the list of popular tools of Angular.JS, every developer should know about them. All these tools are beneficial for multiple development processes. If you are also dealing in Angular.JS web applications, then know about these tools turns the development process into the confined process. Apart from this, developers can add various other features to the web and app easily which helps to saves time and effort both.

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