The Top 8 Ways to Break Into the Development Field and Get Hired

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The Top 8 Ways to Break Into the Development Field and Get Hired

It'll take some time and practice, but you, too, can become hired as a developer.

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1. Self-Learning

This is perhaps the most important and crucial point among all. Self-learning enables you to learn what you want, when you want, and how you want. Self-learning tends to be more effective than instructional learning. There are many online sites which provide free tutorials and free resources to learn new programming languages.

Some of these free websites are mentioned below.


Free Code Camp

Code Signal

Khan Academy

YouTube (Surprising but true!)

According to 2018's StackOverflow Survey, more than 86% of programmers taught themselves coding.

2. Online Resources

Many programmers on YouTube and other platforms who make tutorial videos always leave a link to their project's source code in the description box. Make use of these free resources to practice and level up your knowledge. 90% of programmers share their source code for free which is why the programming community is known the most generous community of all.

Some of the free websites where programmers share their source codes are mentioned below.



JS Fiddle

YouTube (Again, surprising but true!)

You Don't Need to Know Everything

If you are thinking that you won't get a job because you don't know how to program everything then you're getting it all wrong. Every successful programmer learns only about 30% of coding and gets to 100% with practice and perseverance.

One can never finish learning programming. This is because everything in the programming field gets updated periodically, including frameworks and different libraries. There are new or updated JavaScript libraries released every day. You don't need to know everything but most importantly, stay updated and go with the flow.

3. Remain Self-Motivated

Self-taught programmers have more options to dive deeply into the coding world by staying motivated and doing challenges. There are many challenges for programmers on Instagram, one of which is "The 30-day JavaScript Challenge."

Some of the free websites to take on online free challenges are mentioned below.

Coderbyte (They also have filtered challenges based on companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.)


4. Start With JavaScript, Python or pHp

JavaScript, Python, and pHp are the most common and basic languages that every programmer should have a working knowledge of. These languages are currently the most popular languages with JavaScript being on the top. Every website makes at least some use of one of these languages because they have the ability to manipulate the existing code. These languages are used widely when developing dynamic websites.

There are many free Udemy courses and YouTube tutorials to learn these languages, from beginner to advanced.

5. Make Use of StackOverflow & GitHub

Build a profile on GitHub and submit small projects and contribute to open source projects. Use StackOverflow to resolve coding issues. StackOverflow is a place where you can easily find the solution to fix your error. Also, you can contribute by giving solutions to the problems asked by other programmers.

Visit my GitHub profile: Pranay's GitHub

6. Build a Digital Portfolio

Buy a domain and set up a website that features yourself and your works. The main aim of your portfolio should be that any visitor visiting your website should get enough idea about you and what kind of work are you interested in. A portfolio is a living and changing collection of records that reflect your accomplishments, skills, experiences, and attributes. It showcases samples of some of your best work and achievements.

7. Attend Webinars, Workshops, and Seminars

Start exploring the programming world by attending events and seminars. Try attending workshops, webinars, and interviews that will help you build and improve your confidence level and help you get hired. You get to meet a lot of great, like-minded programmers. Also, this will help you gain more knowledge about programming. It helps you to gain motivation and re-energizing personally.

8. Freelancing

Lastly, after gaining enough knowledge, start freelancing. This will help you gain experience on real projects and also encounter new problems and errors, but don't worry; StackOverflow is still up and running. Freelancing will help you promote yourself and increase your audience reach. After gaining experience from about 6-8 months of freelancing, your chance for getting hired and working in an organizational level becomes high.

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