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ToStandard //JavaScript Function

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ToStandard //JavaScript Function

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This function tries to parse bad html and transform into xhtml, by lower-casing the tags, properties and duplicating single properties (readonly becomes readonly="readonly"), my function is very generic.


s = 'blabla
'; prompt("", toStandard(s));
code: //+ Jonas Raoni Soares Silva //@ http://jsfromhell.com function toStandard(s){ return s.replace(/<(\/?\w+)([^>]*)>/g, function(s, t, c, d){ return "<" + t.toLowerCase() + c.replace(/\b(\w+)(?:=((?:(?=(["'])).((?!\3)(?:.|\n))*\3)|\S*))?/g, function(s, p, v, a){ return (p = p.toLowerCase()) + "=" + (a = a ? "" : '"') + (v || p) + a; }) + ">"; }); };

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