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Transactional ESB use cases made simple with the UltraESB

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Transactional ESB use cases made simple with the UltraESB

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This article demonstrates the ease of handling both JTA and non-JTA (i.e. local) transactions - or both at the same time - with the UltraESB. In addition to the ease of use, the power to suspend and resume transactions, or to operate with multiple transactions within a message flow allows any requirement to be met much more easily. Compare the ease of use and the features - by reference with articles describing a subset of this functionality with the JBoss ESB and the WSO2 ESB.

Here is a graphical representation of the example use case. Read the complete article to find out that only a pageful of configuration is all that is required to implement this scenario, and no compilation of code, bundling or deployment of artifacts is involved at all.


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