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Trash Your Paper Resume — Social Media Made it Obsolete

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Trash Your Paper Resume — Social Media Made it Obsolete

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A post by Josh Rueff

It's you or them.

There's 6 blood-chilling serpents crawling up your arm, attached to a severed head dripping crimson drops onto the cold marble floor.

Drip, drip, drip — if you look at Medusa you'll turn to stone. So keep it far from sight.

That's how the traditional paper resume is treated by the modern Human Resources manager.

Stone may cover paper, but both are obsolete.

If you think I'm exaggerating...

... check out the cold reality in the evidence and numbers below.

Gretchen Gunn, a principal at MGD Services, a staffing firm in Stockton, New Jersey, has this to say about the old ways:

"Thanks to social media (LinkedIn) I didn’t miss a current Wall Street Journal article discussing the death of the paper resume. So is it true?  Is the paper resume obsolete? Yes.  As a staffing partner, I always hand them back to candidates I meet at career fairs or Wired4Hire seminars and gently ask that they email me a copy.  Why?  Because that paper resume has little chance of leaving my roll along brief case which houses my laptop, iPad, and other electronics.  Our entire recruiting process is now online."

Here's the scary part.

Gretchen isn't a millennial. 

If the leading recruiters of an earlier generation have cut paper resumes from the process, how do you think the eco-friendly, tweet-trigger-happy, LinkedIn championing, Facebook frenzied Millennial generation will treat them? 

Current numbers say that...

  • 15% of Generation Y are currently in management roles. (Source)
  • By 2015, the vast majority of the workforce will be in their 20's. (Source)
  • By 2020 46% of the workforce will be Millennials. (Source)

Your social media platforms are now your living resume.

It's a lot like telling a story. A good storyteller knows that you never "tell" a story — you "show" it.

Don't write your resume, show it.

What pulls more weight — a few bullet points on paper — or your transparent, no holds barred life story, shown with images, videos, your stream of twitter-thought, and day to day activities on Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn? 

Showing off a paper resume is like waving a flag that says "Hire me, I'm obsolete".

Of course there's two sides to that digital coin.

If your Facebook is a disoriented portfolio of drunken, semi-nude "good old-fashioned college try" festivities, the social media living-resume revolution will not be on your side.

Because immaturity won't discourage recruiters and staffing professionals from stalking your social media. That's part of the reason they do it — people are so naively open on their social media platforms that they're an open book to the world.

Weeding out poorly written books is what they do best.

Doug Gross from CNN reports that "Union Square Ventures, a New York venture-capitalist firm that invests heavily in tech start-ups, hired two analysts last month after a search that started last fall. But instead of soliciting resumes when the positions were announced, the firm asked for a glimpse at applicants' "Web presence."

'This could be anything from a Twitter account to a blog or Tumblr to a project you hacked together -- whatever represents you best...' Union Square's Christina Cacioppo wrote on the company's site at the time."

Love it or hate it, social media is your new resume. 

Embrace it happily, accept it begrudgingly, outsource it — whatever it takes to keep from getting left behind.




Photo provided by Seattle Municipal Archives

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About the author: Josh Rueff is a minimalist semi-nomad, fisherman, camper, Senior Copywriter for Golden Ratio Content, Marine Corps vet, lover of every form of chocolate, and keeper of very large dogs. He's author of 3 books including two nonfiction books, "Rock Paper Root", "Minimalist Living in Ancient and Modern Culture", and one children's poetry collection in the writing genre of literary nonsense, "Periwinkle Yetis and the Yvinosiop".  

You can find him posting some motivating minimalist musings on Twitter @JoshuaRueff, and view his prolifically pandering portfolio at Golden Ratio Content.


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