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Travel App Testing Tips

Reliability is one of the most important factors for a travel app. This checklist will help you make sure performance is optimized for a reliable mobile experience.

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With 95% of travelers taking their cell phones with them on trips, it has become essential for travel businesses to connect with their customers through mobile apps. Moreover, travel apps have even replaced maps and phrasebooks for those journeys to faraway corners of the planet. Some bold travelers have managed to travel through Asia or America using only Expedia or Triposo on their phones!

Therefore, we have come to the logical conclusion that building a reliable travel app today is a sound investment, granted of course that you know how to test it and make it smooth and fast. The contents of this article provide the reader with valuable information on how to create and test bug-free travel apps that can bring an app to the top in the stores and help a business owner earn real money.

Traveling Apps Testing Checklist

There are 5 key points for you to pay attention to in this checklist:

1. Interruption Testing

To make sure that your app works immaculately, you should test your app for 7 of the most important interruption options:

  • Other app notifications,

  • Home screen jump,

  • Sleep mode,

  • Battery low & battery dead,

  • Incoming call & text message,

  • Storage low & no storage, and

  • Intermittent connectivity & airplane mode.

2. Travel App Security Testing

A user would never install a travel agency app which is insecure in any sense. When there are payments involved or a user must disclose their real credentials, security becomes a top priority for testing. Vulnerable applications scare away users, so make sure you know the answers to all of the following questions:

  • Does your app use a credit card number or a user's credentials?

  • Are the protocols that are being used for the secure networks really secure?

  • What happens if the secure protocols become insecure?

  • Does your app ask for additional permissions that are not really needed?

  • Does your travel agency app ask for specific certificates?

  • Does your app utilize an ID or any similar identification document?

  • Is authentication required for authorization?

  • Does your app lock out a user if there are more login attempts than required?

3. Installation Conditions

If you need to check your travel or travel agency app for installation conditions, it's better to address experienced testers. Because honestly, if you have problems with installation and reinstallation, it means you need a thorough and detailed report from a professional tester.

It`s crucial to test the processes of installing and uninstalling for your travel agency app. It's also valuable to know how the update process is going as this aspect is often ignored by developers.

4. Mobile Application Performance Testing

Another important aspect of successful travel app testing is performance testing. There are a bunch of apps whose performance decreases proportionally to the increase of the memory size used on the iPhone. What if more photos in the album will make the app work slower and the user will uninstall it eventually? So it's especially important to test the app's scalability and performance considering that the average smartphone user tends to preserve large amounts of data on their devices.

Another aspect that is worth considering is if your travel app has a server-side aspect: testing it with an increasing number of users is obligatory. It can be performed manually or with the help of some effective automation apps.

5. Travel App Localization and Time Zone Testing

If it's a good travel app, it must be multilingual. Which automatically means it must be tested in other languages to make sure that there are no character encoding issues, data truncation issues, or any UI issues resulting from different lengths of characters. And don't forget about time zones! Will your travel app cope with the data that is not in chronological order but inserted in sequence? For example, if you travel to another country, you might find yourself in some 2049. Do you want to be a Blade Runner hero? Make sure your app manages time zone changes.


To make an effective app, an owner must make sure his app can undergo Interruption Testing, Security Testing, Installation Testing, Performance Testing, Localization and Time Zone Testing. These testing scenarios can guarantee that the travel app won`t shut down when a message is received or when the time zone is updated in the app after a long flight.

Expedia did it, why do you think you won't be able to create the next Expedia app? If you make sure your app passes all the tests with flying colors, you can become a real success. After all, people travel more and more, and effective and reliable travel apps make these trips really pleasant and hassle-free.

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