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Traveling the World with Crowdfunding

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Traveling the World with Crowdfunding

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A creative way to finance an adventure

Have you ever wanted to talk philosophy in the Latin Quarter? Sip wine in Vienna’s ravishing vineyards? Investigate seaside castle ruins along the grassy plains of Ireland? Taste exquisite grilled fois gras while enjoying a stroll along the cobblestone paths of The Golden City? Now that it’s getting harder to fight the long lasting bitter winters, wanderlust is beginning to seem like the perfect option for a long awaited vacation. If you’re not wealthy (like moi), have no known international family across borders, and don’t have a publisher who can pay for your trip in advance like Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love then crowdfunding provides the perfect platform to raise funds for your adventure.

The First Step of a Journey

First, you need a distinct reason to travel. People are less likely to contribute to a person that “just needs a little relax time.” In American’s work driven society, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t need a little R&R. Travel can be used as a studying tool for students studying abroad, inspiration for a writer or painter, an opportunity to capture the perfect background in a short film, or to provide research to locate your long lost ancestors.


Plan Accordingly

This means more than just remembering toothpaste and bringing an outlet adapter. You do not want to run out of currency and be stranded on the isolated Tristan da Cunha islands (well, maybe you do but your family would most likely miss you) but you also don’t want to have $1,000 extra after your trip. In the crowdfunding world, the most funded projects are those that contain detailed plans. A basic itinerary and a designated financial goal are essentials that should be included on a project’s profile page.

Financially, you can save numerous dineros by using frequent flyer miles. And guess what? You don’t even have to fly! Credit card companies offer mile rewards if you spend and pay off a designated amount in a certain allotted time.

Get Creative!

Perks, sometimes referred to as Kudos, are rewards that creators give to those who invest in their project. For example, a Kudo could be “donate $5 and receive a hand written thank you letter” or “donate $10 and receive a free cooking lesson.” A world travel project could have unique Kudos that contributors couldn’t find anywhere else. Instead of offering products or lessons, Kudos could consist of one of a kind gifts from the places traveled to: a post card from Shakespeare & Company, a hand woven basket from Jamaica, or a silver necklace from Veracruz. Let’s try to keep it legal though!

Reaching Out

At first, your family and friends will be the biggest supporters, and therefore contributors. Reaching out to them is crucial in obtaining the funds you need for the project. Twitter and Facebook pages are also fantastic tools to attract attention to your mission (#helpfundmeplease)!

Bon Voyage!

Pack your bags because you’re off to see the world! Remember to send updates or even create a video like Matt:

The community of crowdfunding enables users to see the world and to create their own adventure with the help of others. You no longer have to save for years in hopes of traveling to a dream destination. Through the power of crowdfunding, dreams are one step closer, bucket list wishes are crossed off, and journeys unfold with a click of the button.

Start fundraising today!


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