Trello Founders Release HyperDev

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Trello Founders Release HyperDev

A new open source tool from Fog Creek Software allows developers to bypass all kinds of time-consuming setup and move straight to building new solutions.

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Fog Creek Software, the company behind Trello and FogBugz, recently announced that a new developer platform, called HyperDev, just entered beta. HyperDev is a collaborative, open source way to build hosted apps.

According to the HyperDev site, the main mission of the project was to allow developers to circumvent all the setup that needs to be done before actual coding can begin, hoping that thousands of apps that could improve our lives will be built since time consuming barriers like server configuration, learning Git, shell commands, and setting up build pipelines will be taken care of. All apps are instantly deployed on Fog Creek's servers, and are automatically updated whenever new changes are made.

In true Trello and StackOverflow fashion, HyperDev also allows for easy collaboration between developers working on the same app by inviting users to work on an app with you and see what changes have been made. This is especially helpful for code reviews, team hackathons, teaching, and pair programming. You can also essentially fork someone else's project, which HyperDev refers to as "remixing" them. 

In essence, HyperDev looks to be part Continuous Delivery platform, part source control, part cloud service, and part IDE. Whether this will be the next big thing or not remains to be seen, but it certainly looks like an easy way for both new and old developers to quickly work on a new project or prototype without worrying about setup time or costs. 

HyperDev can be found here, and is currently in open beta. 

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