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Trimou 1.6.0 - Spring MVC and Dropwizard integration, and more...

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Trimou 1.6.0 - Spring MVC and Dropwizard integration, and more...

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We've just released Trimou 1.6.0.Final...

  • Spring MVC integration
  • Dropwizard integration
  • Helper API - add Options.peek()
  • Resolver API
    • add ResolutionContext.getKey(), ResolutionContext.getKeyPartIndex()
    • add Mapper interface
  • Introduce Validateable interface (#30)
    • Servlet extension - allow to disable HttpServletRequestResolver
    • PrettyTime extension - allow to disable PrettyTimeResolver
  • New helpers - NullCheckHelper, EqualsHelper, EmbedHelper, LogHelper
  • IfHelper, UnlessHelper - multiple params evaluation support

Thanks to @Pitzcarraldo for contributions (Spring MVC integration, EmbedHelper).

Check the project page , documentation  and web application example.


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