Trip Report: TIBCO NOW Global Tour 2019: Chicago

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Trip Report: TIBCO NOW Global Tour 2019: Chicago

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I had the opportunity to attend the second leg of the TIBCO NOW 2019 Globel Tour in Chicago on June 12 and 13. There were about 1,000 attendees in Chicago following 600 in Singapore on April 3 and 4. The third and final leg of the tour in London on September 25 and 26. TIBCO executives are expecting attendees to number between the first to conferences.

The conference began with breakout sessions and hands-on labs. There were more than 70 over the two days with clients like Bristol Myers Squibb, Caesar's Entertainment, Copa Airlines, Grupo Xcaret, Panera Bread, Perkin Elmer, and Ulta Beauty making presentations.

Steve Hurn, E.V.P. Global Sales, TIBCO kicked off the keynote on Wednesday discussing the rate with which innovation is taking place today. Steve turned the floor over to Nelson Petrachek, CTO who discussed the need for companies today to find their innovation path and TIBCO's commitment to helping by augmenting, connecting, and unifying businesses. Unifying for innovation was the overarching theme which makes sense for an integration company. Nelson also shared TIBCO's guiding principles for their innovation platform: cloud-native, open, and founded on AI. Use cases were interspersed throughout the keynote.

Tom Lubinski, CEO, SL Corporation has been a TIBCO partner since 2003. Tom emphasized the need for businesses to be involved in every new wave of technology to stay relevant in your industry. He also stressed the importance of monitoring since greater visibility leads to fewer incidents. Good visibility and information are good business. You find unused servers you don't need and identify resources that are not being used efficiently. The more people you share your data with, the better. If you only have a couple of people looking at the data, you're not getting full value. Empower frontline workers with timely information.

Brad Hopper, Vice President, Analytics Product Strategy, TIBCO spoke on the need to analyze more data in real time to realize value from it and also announced TIBCO's Expanded Capabilities to Deliver High-Performance Analytics.

David Totten, CTO, U.S. Partner Ecosystem, Microsoft talked about Microsoft's commitment to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Some key trends that David flagged: costs are falling (DNA sequencing, solar), data is growing, dangers are increasing, business models are shifting. Everyone that interacts with customers is a digital business. Microsoft is working to create an ecosystem of services that people can plug into to create people-centric experiences using AI and ubiquitous computing. Lastly, David announced the availability of TIBCO Cloud Integration with Azure so developers can implement and integrate solutions within a managed environment on Azure.

Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, vice president, product management and strategy, TIBCO discussed the age of the customer and how senses that companies are getting tired of trying to figure out customer experience (CX). Too bad there are so few successful use cases after all this time. Rajeev announced TIBCO's Expansion of Cloud-Native Offerings to Address Top Developer Challenges to help companies understand the customer journey and create a connected intelligence CX.

Matt Quinn, COO, wrapped up the day one keynote by reiterating and drilling down on TIBCO's guiding principles. TIBCO will be cloud-native in their core and in their environment, They will provide transparency around DevOps, Cloud Ops, and Data Ops. They're adopting open source. And, AI will be a foundational element of everything they build. They are infusing AI to make software and people better. Matt concluded the keynote with the announcement of TIBCO's New Functionality to Organizations with Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Strategies.

TIBCO's new CEO, Dan Streetman, kicked off the keynote on day two by reiterating TIBCO's three pillars of cloud-native, open-platform, and AI foundation and highlighted how Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, Grupo Xcaret, and University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics were using TIBCO to make a dramatic impact in their businesses with real-time analytics.

Suvajit Basu, Head of Information Technology, Goya Foods shared how TIBCO was helping them digitize their supply chain from end-to-end with master data management, integration, and intelligence by supplying all of their employees with the data and insights they need to make data-driven business decisions. Suvajit emphasized that this transition was as much about culture and strategy, as technology.

Prasad Joshi, SVP at the Center for Emerging Technologies at Infosys discussed the huge changes businesses are facing today and the need to digitize more quickly. Companies today must move from > to:

  • Solving problems > identifying problems 

  • Small R&D groups > innovation at every level

  • In-house ideation > listening to the customer

  • Siloed focus > interdisciplinary learning

This is where the concept of Living Labs got started at Infosys and has led to successes in smart farming, digital twins for aircraft turbines, next-gen data centers, digital twins for chillers, departure management at airport gates, health and safety at work, and vacation experience in hospitality.

David Ferber, SVP, Global Platforms Leader - Analytics & Decisioning, Equifax discussed the innovation journey Equifax has been on since the 1990s. David believes innovation has to improve the community in order to be relevant. He recommends getting the "geeks" (IT) and the "nerds" (data scientists) to work together to solve business problems. 

Bill Marozas, Global LEad, Data Analytics, Storage and DevOps, Amazon Web Services, talked about how enterprises are modernizing with SaaS, serverless, containers, EC2 AMIs, and on-prem solutions. Companies today need agile and elastic environments. AWS strives to provide a rich set of services to remove friction, help automate, and accelerate innovation. The AWS marketplace is a curated digital software catalog that helps you find, buy, deploy, and manage software.

The day two keynote wrapped up with Les Ottolenghi, EVP/CIO, Caesar's Entertainment sharing the transformation of the largest integrated resorts company in the world has been making. In 1998, 51% of the company's revenue was from gambling. Today, it's only 22.8%. Technology is dominating the industry. After making six major cloud transformations in 30 months, Caesar's employees are able to have a single view of the customer.

In addition to the keynote, I attended breakouts on Real API Management by Rob Zazueta, Director of Digital Platform Strategy at TIBCO,  Data Virtualization by Bob Eve, Senior Director, Thought Leadership at TIBCO,  and had the opportunity to discuss How Data and Analytics Drive Success with Shawn Rogers, Senior Director, Global Enablement, Digital Content, Analytic Strategy at TIBCO. I've linked to the articles that came out of my meetings.

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