Triple the Integrations, a Third of the Time: BrightTALK's Bright Move

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Triple the Integrations, a Third of the Time: BrightTALK's Bright Move

Integrating with the Cloud Elements Marketing Hub accelerates marketing automation and CRM systems. Here's one company's success story.

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BrightTALK, a technology media company, brings professionals and businesses together from many industries to share knowledge through videos and webinars, providing growth and lead generation opportunity for their customers.

Partnering with Cloud Elements, BrightTALK has been able to address the growing demand of integrations from their platform to leading marketing automation services such as Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo, and HubSpot.

Morgan Cantrell, BrightTALK’s Management Director, shares his experience with integrating to the Cloud Elements Marketing Hub: “Instead of the manual uploading of data, that inevitably causes a lag and potential devaluation of leads, our integrations to marketing automation and CRM systems are changing the reaction time from marketing lead to the sales team contact.  Marketers are quickly able to valuate leads through integrations.” The Cloud Elements Hubs and data mapping capabilities enabled faster integrations, allowing customers to integrate their data where they want, while BrightTALK can focus on their own core competencies and customer satisfaction. “We were looking for the glue that could hold our platform together with all the other marketing tech platforms in the ecosystems. We chose Cloud Elements because their solution fit into our business model. They allowed us to loop the pricing of the integration into our standard pricing and not have to pass that along to our customers.”

Cloud Elements provides flexibility with both platform and pricing while transforming costly and timely integrations into manageable and efficient integrations.

Originally, it took BrightTALK one year to build one integration, leading to only three integrations for three years work, and another year’s worth of time for updates. A large number of BrightTALK’s customer base look to utilize their data for lead generation, so connection to these lead marketing automation systems is essential. Slow integrations come with risk, and the bottom line is: more, fast integrations mean happier customers.

Using  Cloud Elements, BrightTALK took one year to build five additional integrations, including leading marketing automation platforms: Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo and HubSpot, that now over ⅓ of their user base utilize. New sales acquisitions have grown off the enabled hot leads, demonstrating the relief on employees and customers that Cloud Elements integration building provides.

Working with these integrations, Cantrell has realized the difference it makes, “It’s most important to know what customers want to use your data for in other platforms and to be ready to support them in doing that.” Building the right integrations, and more options, provides the platform for customers to work the data as they need. And through working with Cloud Elements, BrightTALK has been able to quickly bring more integrations and satisfaction to their customers.

Check out our interview with Morgan Cantrell.

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