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Trivia! Lru Cache impl

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Trivia! Lru Cache impl

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It has been a while since I actually posted some code here, and I thought that this implementation was quite nice, in that it is simple & works for what it needs to do.

    public class LruCache<TKey, TValue>
        private readonly int _capacity;
        private readonly Stopwatch _stopwatch = Stopwatch.StartNew();
        private class Node
            public TValue Value;
            public volatile Reference<long> Ticks;
       private readonly ConcurrentDictionary<TKey, Node> _nodes = new ConcurrentDictionary<TKey, Node>();
       public LruCache(int capacity)
           Debug.Assert(capacity > 10);
           _capacity = capacity;
       public void Set(TKey key, TValue value)
           var node = new Node
               Value = value,
               Ticks = new Reference<long> { Value = _stopwatch.ElapsedTicks }
           _nodes.AddOrUpdate(key, node, (_, __) => node);
           if (_nodes.Count > _capacity)
               foreach (var source in _nodes.OrderBy(x => x.Value.Ticks).Take( nodes.Count / 10))
                   Node _;
                   _nodes.TryRemove(source.Key, out _);
       public bool TryGet(TKey key, out TValue value)
           Node node;
           if (_nodes.TryGetValue(key, out node))
               node.Ticks = new Reference<long> {Value = _stopwatch.ElapsedTicks};
               value = node.Value;
               return true;
           value = default(TValue);
           return false;

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