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TrueZIP 7.1 Released

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TrueZIP 7.1 Released

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Schlichtherle IT Services proudly announces the release of TrueZIP 7.1.

TrueZIP is a plug-in framework for virtual file systems which provides transparent access to archive files as if they were just plain directories. Version 7.1 provides significant improvements when accessing archive files:

  • When writing a compressed archive file into another archive file, its corresponding entry in the enclosing archive file gets no longer compressed again. This provides the best compression ratio and performance and is in conformance with the JEE spec when writing JARs into a WAR or EAR file. For more information, please refer to the new FAQ entry.
  • When reading archive files, duplicate entries are now handled correctly by mounting them into a covariant file system entry. This enables an application to read the contents of a file entry and list the members of a directory entry with an equal normalized entry name. For more information, please refer to the new FAQ entry.

This release also focused on the documentation in an effort to provide the best possible TrueZIP Experience for beginners. In addition to gross Javadoc enhancements, there is a lot new content on the TrueZIP User Website at http://truezip.java.net:

  • Guides for kick-starting TrueZIP File* applications from a Maven archetype in Eclipse or NetBeans or a command line shell.
  • A guide about using TrueZIP without Maven and why this is only a second best choice.
  • A guide for migrating TrueZIP 6 applications.
  • An extended FAQ to cover potential issues using the File* API and general questions.

Please note that some enhancements required a change of the public TrueZIP Kernel API. Therefore, clients of this API, including file system driver implementations, need to get recompiled. Pure TrueZIP File* API clients should not need to get recompiled, however.

For more information, please refer to The TrueZIP Blog at http://truezip.schlichtherle.de.

Enjoy TrueZIP!


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