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How Can I Protect Where Firewalls Fail?

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How Can I Protect Where Firewalls Fail?

Eliminates 98% of the network attack surface by allowing only trusted applications to communicate over approved network paths.

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Discover how to provide active runtime protection for your web applications from known and unknown vulnerabilities including Remote Code Execution Attacks.

Great speaking with Peter Smith, Co-founder and CEO, and Harry Sverdlove, Co-founder and CTO of Edgewise Networks. Edgewise provides a fresh perspective on network security which transcends limitations of available address-centric controls — to protect where firewalls fail.

Peter is a cybersecurity entrepreneur, and Harry is the former CTO of Carbon Black (formerly Bit9). Edgewise Networks offers a new approach to firewall security that prevents compromise and attack progression of network-borne threats by allowing only trusted applications to communicate over approved network paths. Edgewise secures critical business applications running in the cloud and data center by eliminating 98% of the network attack surface and protecting the rest.

Trusted Application Networking allows network communications based on the trustworthiness of communicating application software. This fundamentally new technology embraces the zero-trust networking model. It works by looking beyond network addresses, validating the secure identity of applications, users, and hosts controlling the addresses.

John Arsneault, CIO of Goulston & Storrs, said, “While firewalls are vital to any security strategy, address-centric controls expose many security gaps while making policy management more complex. Edgewise’s revolutionary security product for Trusted Application Networking enables Goulston & Storrs’ IT organization to protect our most valuable asset — our client’s data — simply and effectively.”

“With modern application architectures becoming more complex and attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, today’s address-centric firewalls are no longer adequate,” said Peter. “We need to look beyond traditional network constructs to focus instead on protecting applications. At Edgewise, we’ve reimagined network security with Trusted Application Networking, which removes the need for address-centric controls and simplifies network security.”

With Edgewise Networks, security teams will truly enable business agility and velocity, while protecting mission-critical cloud and data center applications:

  • Protects Applications Simply: Edgewise extends the zero-trust networking model by ensuring only trusted applications communicate, unlike firewalls which cannot positively identify communicating software. Trusted Application Networking prevents malicious actors from propagating through internal networks and compromising business applications.

  • Builds Accurate Policies Automatically: Edgewise uses machine learning to model application communication patterns and generate optimal protection policies for the business. In contrast to address-centric micro-segmentation, the Edgewise policy engine generates the smallest policy set to provide the broadest protection. Tens of thousands of policies now compress to a recommended handful to reduce complexity without compromising security.

  • Simplifies Policy Enforcement: Edgewise protects applications with one click on the application flow diagram. Even non-experts can apply protection with no knowledge of application architecture or experience in building policies. For experts who need advanced flexibility, the application-centric policies are described in natural language, making enforcement fast and intuitive.

  • Reveals Risk, Recommends Protection: Edgewise measures the visible network attack surface, quantifies risk exposure, and recommends policies to maximize protection. Each policy is modeled to show risk reduction, enabling organizations to prioritize where protection is needed.

  • Enables Business Agility: Edgewise protects application services regardless of where they are deployed — on-premises or in the cloud. Edgewise policies, unlike firewalls, adapt to application changes by remaining independent of network constructs to provide the agility required by modern applications.

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