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Tune up the JetBrains info channels

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There's so much happening around JetBrains and their products - IntelliJ IDEA version 9 has reached its first public milestone, TeamCity 4.5.3 has been released, the MPS project in its beta stage is now under public review and RubyMine in its 1.1.1 version has become a full-features Ruby/Rails IDE.
If you're one of the active people, who always want to stay on top of things, you might find useful the consolidated list of JetBrains-related information channels and sites which will keep you up-to-date at all times.

Here's the list of sites to consider watching:


The product blogs are definitely the most accurate and fresh sources of information about what's going on with the tools and where they're heading. Add their RSS feeds to you readers and get an instant flow of news, tips and tricks.

You should also definitely check Roman's Watchtower blog. Roman, being a well informed insider, will share a lot of the tips and tricks, hot news and uncensored information that might help you get a better feel for what's up at JetBrains.


If you are on Twitter, you might consider adding the JetBrains products to the list of the accounts you follow and get instant news about what's happening around your tools. Here's a list you can pick from:

JetBrains Zone

And last but not the least, the JetBrains Zone will publish in-depth articles, useful tips and tricks as well as the news and announcements that you might not want to miss.

Tune up JetBrains!


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