Turn Down for What? PageSpeed Service Comes to a Close

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Turn Down for What? PageSpeed Service Comes to a Close

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May 5th was quite a significant day this year. No, we’re not talking about Cinco de Mayo, but the news might hurt more than that one-too-many-margaritas hangover. Google announced that after over four years, PageSpeed Service will be shut down. The optimization tool provided a simple way to speed up website performance.

The good news is that the change won’t affect users immediately. PageSpeed Service users have until August 3rd, 2015 to change their DNS, providing a reasonable grace period. A post on the Google Developers site explains:

After 4.5 years of service, the PageSpeed Service team regretfully decided that the time had come to re-focus their efforts elsewhere and on 5th May announced that PageSpeed Service will be turned down. If you are using PageSpeed Service, you must change your DNS before 3rd August 2015 or your site(s) will become completely unavailable on that date.

The post offers instructions for safely removing sites from PageSpeed Service, a process which must be executed properly. There’s also a lengthy list of suitable alternatives including Apache, OpenLiteSpeed, Nginx, and even cloud solutions.

Sad to see PageSpeed Service go? Scrambling to find a substitute service? Kick off the discussion with a comment, or let us know on Twitter!

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