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Twikural - My App Engine Project that Delivers You Daily Thirukural Poetry

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Twikural - My App Engine Project that Delivers You Daily Thirukural Poetry

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tldr; https://github.com/vraa/twikural

It all started when I asked the following question to my twitter friends:

My idea was simple: to send out Thirukural poems everyday to the people that are signing up for the service. Instead of sending it to email addresses, I decided to use Twitter and Facebook as my medium since that’s where most of the people are hanging out these days.

There were few tweeples responding to it positively. Even though there are already few other alternative services available, I decided to move on and build it as I thought the new service will be different and be a learning experience.

It took a weekend to code the 80% of the site and I hosted it on App Engine platform. And the site is live for the past few weeks – http://twikural.veerasundar.com

Now, the service has 31 followers in Twitter and 37 Likes in Facebook. It has already sent out 120 Thirukurals till date. :)

And, I’m now open sourcing the code. The project is now hosted @ Github. You are welcomed to check it out and if you’d like to contribute, feel free to send a pull request / contact me.

I would like to thank my fellow tweeples – @iGhillli@anandhame, @mgobi_php   for their continuous support to this project.

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