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Reinhold Already Talking About Java 9

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Reinhold Already Talking About Java 9

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Java 9.  That's not a mistake.  In John Duimovich and Mark Reinhold's "Java Renaissance" keynote today at EclipseCon 2011 they talked about Java 7, which finally has a release date (July 28, 2011), Java 8, which will bring modularity that is compatible with OSGi, and... wait for it....  Java NINE.

For those of us poor souls who are not at the conference, which has been really awesome so far (according to attendees), all we have are a few key tweets from Justin Kestelyn of Oracle:

And a separate tweet on JDK 9 that credits Arun Gupta for also mentioning the ideas:

Crazy that they're already thinking that far ahead when Java 8 is still more than a year away.  So what are your thoughts?  Are these features everything we ever wanted?  Or are they just more clutter in an already complex JDK?

Another point of major interest to supporters of OSGi is Java 8, which will implement its own brand of modularity through Project Jigsaw.  Many parties, including the Eclipse Foundation, are very interested in OSGi succeeding.  This is why Reinhold wanted to assure audience members that there would be an OSGi migration path from Java 8.  Some tweets about that:

Java 9, folks.  What do you think?

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