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Twittering with Groovy

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Twittering with Groovy

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Danno Ferrin (a.k.a @shemnon) just announced that Greet, a Twitter client written in Groovy, is available for you to download and run. For those of you who attended the Script Bowl at JavaOne or our session, Building Rich Applications with SwingBuilder, you have already seen Greet in action. Here is an screenshot (in ugly Metal L&F I know, I haven't installed j6u10 yet) of Greet running via WebStart (did I mention Greet honors your proxy settings? I'm behind a firewall and use it for my Twitter needs now)


Among the technical merits of this client you will find @Bindable, an innocent annotation, that when paired with ASTTransformations (one of the new features available in Groovy 1.6) will auto generate (in byte code) all the required wiring to make a property observable, yup that means it will inject PropertyChangeSupport (if needed) and fire up events when the property's value changes, bye bye boilerplate code. You will find more info on Greet at Danno's latest post: Greet - a Groovy Twitter Client.

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