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Typesafe Now Known as Lightbend

Newly-minted Lightbend also announces microservices platform Lagom and re-affirms its commitment to Scala while extending its brand reach to all JVM developers.

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As of last week, Typesafe has changed its name to Lightbend. Check out the official announcement here.

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The re-branding has been attributed to the evolution of the company from a Scala-centric platform to one that is more "language agnostic" with Lightbend stating:

When we were founded in 2011, the name Typesafe was in alignment with our developer community and our Scala go-to-market approach. Over the past five years, the market has changed dramatically, and so has our company, with more than half of our customers representing traditional Java enterprises. We continue to evolve, becoming more language agnostic as we help our customers adopt a full platform for building systems that answer the modern needs of enterprises; systems that are productive across the entire platform, that are fully Reactive and natively embrace new Microservices and Fast Data architectures. Lightbend, we feel, strongly represents the evolutionary quality of this exciting journey.

Hoping to encourage adoption of the Reactive Platform, Lightbend is ditching the Typesafe moniker for a clean slate. Of course, this doesn't mean that they're parting ways with their company history. They're still into Scala even though their new open-source microservices platform Lagom (written mostly in Scala) was released with a Java 8 API and no Scala API—partly because, as they discuss on their blog, most of their customers who are already using Scala (with Akka and Play) have already mastered microservices and reactive application design.

The release Lagom is an interesting announcement in itself. It's not just for implementing microservices; it's specifically for decomposing monolithic applications, and thus seems aimed especially at enterprises looking to add independently scalable componentization to their existing code.

Check out the official blog announcement and the homepage of the new Lagom platform. For community response, see this official Q&A and this Hacker News thread.

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