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TypeScript 1.5 Arrives With Major ES6 Features

Since April, TypeScript has surpassed Dart and CoffeeScript on Google trends. On the cusp of significant popularity, TypeScript 1.5 arrives with major ES6 features.

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TypeScript, a transpile-to-JavaScript language, is one of the fastest growing new languages on GitHub. With the inventor of C#, Anders Hejlsberg, as one of creators behind it, TypeScript has had 100% year-on-year growth. And since April, it has surpassed Dart and CoffeeScript on Google trends. It certainly has significant usage in the .NET community given its Microsoft origins, but its strong typing is probably the biggest draw.

This week, TypeScript 1.5 was announced, and here are some of the major new features included in this release:

These are all ECMAScript 6 features, which brings TypeScript 1.5 a lot closer to full ES6 compatibility. Check out the Kangax compatibility chart.

As for TypeScript 1.6, the developers are hoping to move to smaller, faster release cadences. Here are the planned new features for 1.6:

The roadmap for TypeScript also has three possible features it’s considering for 2.0 listed.

By the way… Are you using TypeScript? That’s a poll link. I think it would be interesting for all of us to know who uses it in the DZone community.

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