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Is the Ubuntu Edge the Future of Computing?

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Is the Ubuntu Edge the Future of Computing?

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This is the Ubuntu Edge. It dual-boots Ubuntu and Android. It comes with a multi-core CPU, 4 Gigs of RAM, a whopping 128GB SSD, and a high-resolution sapphire crystal screen. Its creator, Canonical (of Ubuntu fame), thinks it will change the way we use computers. 

How do they envision the future of computing? PC sales are plummeting, and mobiles and tablets are dominating the market, so Canonical thinks that you soon may want a smartphone that you can take out of your pocket and plug in at your desk to use like a desktop. The Edge will incorporate an HDMI cable and Bluetooth keyboard support. Wherever you find a TV or monitor with an HDMI plug, you can plug the Edge in, boot Ubuntu, and use it like a desktop--all your files will be shared between Android and Ubuntu.

Canonical is making the bet that consumers want to make this change, and they're already getting a lot of support through their IndieGoGo campaign. They want to raise $32 million, and within 24 hours of their campaign they raised 10 percent of that goal. With 29 days left, they have about $27 million more to raise.

So what do you think? Do you want a smartphone that you can plug in and use like a desktop?

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