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uDeploy 4.6 Released with Agent Improvements

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uDeploy 4.6 Released with Agent Improvements

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Version 4.6.0 of uDeploy is now available.

Supportal users can view the full release notes and download it.

Agent Updates

Agents are now more distinct from Resources as a management concern. Resources simply represent a deployment target while Agents are seen as infrastructure. A resource is automatically created for each agent though. A resource at this point can be an agent, an agent pool, or a logical target within the agent resource.

License management for agents is also updated – mostly for organizations who have departments or divisions buy their own licenses and want to control and track consumption. Any agent without a valid, current license associated with it cannot run any processes. If you have multiple licenses, expiration of one license will only affect the agents using that license. If a license expires, you can replace it with the new one with the Edit link, rather than deleting it and adding a new one. This will keep all agents from the old license associated with the new license.

Server Log Visibility

Yep, not being able to access the server error log through the UI was a pain. We’re sorry about that. It annoyed us too. You can do that now.

Defaulting to Incremental

Some components usually produce full versions. Some usually produce incremental versions. Now you can configure a default making incremental components much easier to work with.

Faster – UI and Workflow Engine

The scheduling calendar is much, much quicker for those of you with large datasets. You’ll also notice faster resource tree management, as well as crisper updates to running processes.

We also worked hard on some optimizations to the workflow engine. It took a bit too long to get a step spun up out on the agent. Good news. We dropped the per-step overhead by 90%.


Have some tool that doesn’t handle multiple requests well or is limited by concurrent licenses? We’ve introduced named lock that can be acquired and released by processes.


AnthillPro fans, post-processors are back in uDeploy. You can now custom tailor the success / failure rules of a step by exit code, properties, and log. As a bonus, you can also set properties based on that output.

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