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Uhuru PaaS for Deploying .NET Apps to the Cloud

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Uhuru PaaS for Deploying .NET Apps to the Cloud

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What If you could deploy your Application to the Cloud with using a host of multiple database/ app platforms in just One Click?

Whaat???    Yes, With one Click using Uhuru Software’s RCD(Rapid Cloud Deployment) PaaS solution.

Being an avid user of the cloud for many years now, I thought of trying out a new provider of enabling deploying of .NET apps to the Cloud in an innovative manner.

Who is Uhuru and What is UhuruPaaS?

Uhuru was founded by veteran executives and engineers of Microsoft Corporation who have decades of experience building both Windows software and cloud services. We are dedicated to bringing the best of Open Source and Windows software development together for Cloud Computing.

Bringing the best of .NET and Open Source together. Uhuru delivers Open Source capabilities to .NET developers, so they can benefit from the agility and flexibility that cloud computing offers.

Because .NET developers don’t have to be second class citizens in the Cloud.

Uhuru’s .NET’s Key areas of interest

Achieve true app portability:  Easily scale across as many servers or separate public/private cloud services as you wish

Focus on writing great apps: Don’t worry about where or how your application will be deployed

Cut the bonds that tie apps to individual cloud services: No need to be locked-in to a specific cloud-hosting service

Use the tools you are familiar with: Deploy your .NET apps from Visual Studio and manage them from the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

The next features that really caught my eye were:

Management Tunnel:  Automagically connects to a specified database through an intuitive UI, making users to verify that their application has indeed passed the data to the database

Cross Platform Linux and .NET support:  The ability of a .NET connecting to a non-Microsoft databases like MySQL helps .NET developers to deploy their database to multi-platform OSes such as Linux, AIX, Oracle Solaris etc

In short, if you wish to build and deploy your .NET App to the Cloud with a mult-database environment, then Uhuru PaaS is for you.

Stay tuned for my next post where I intend to show you how easy it is to deploy a simple .NET database app to the UhuruCloud

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