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The Ultimate PaaS and IaaS Cloud Comparison Guide is Coming...

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Download the Essential Cloud Buyer’s Guide to learn important factors to consider before selecting a provider as well as buying criteria to help you make the best decision for your infrastructure needs, brought to you in partnership with Internap.

UPDATE (6/10/13): DZone's definitive guide to cloud providers is NOW AVAILABLE!

The DZone Research team has been carefully crafting a comprehensive and detailed comparison guide not only for some of the most popular Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms, but also between the various categories of cloud offerings.

There's so much more to think about than just PaaS or IaaS.  And we think that this is one area where many other solutions guides have suffered–bad categorization.  This guide will aim to compare apples to apples (e.g. Heroku vs. Engine Yard vs. dotCloud -or- OpenStack vs. CloudStack vs. Eucalyptus).  

We've attacked this comparison challenge from three directions:

  1. Compiling a feature list directly from the vendor
  2. Finding a qualified group of experienced cloud developers to provide unbiased product reviews
  3. Researching the cloud computing needs and opinions of the IT community

This guide is coming very soon, and we want to give our DZone members the first opportunity to sign up for early access… because you are the coolest.

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The Cloud Zone is brought to you in partnership with Internap. Read Bare-Metal Cloud 101 to learn about bare-metal cloud and how it has emerged as a way to complement virtualized services.


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