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The Ultimate List Of Developer Podcasts

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The Ultimate List Of Developer Podcasts

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After scouring the internet for a good, updated list of developer podcasts, I have come up empty.  It seems that the best list is an old closed Stack Overflow question which is far out of date.  The second and third results are also pretty old and stale.

So, I’ve decided to create my own list of developer podcasts, which I plan to keep updated.

If you notice something is stale on this list or something is missing on this list, please contact me and I will make the appropriate changes.

Oh yeah, and since this is my list, I get to put links to the episodes of these podcasts I was in. wlEmoticon winkingsmile The Ultimate List Of Developer Podcasts

And if you are a host of one of these podcasts, or one not mentioned on my list and would like me to be on your podcast, just drop me a note.

.NET and Microsoft Related

.NET Rocks – An awesome and long running podcast by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell.  It used to be primarily about .NET, but not it is much more diverse and covers a large variety of topics.  The believe the cadence of this show is twice a week now.

I was on show 887, talking about Google’s Dart language.

Hanselminutes – Also a very long running podcast hosted by none other than Scott Hanselman himself.  Scott brings on a great variety of guests with interesting stories.  You never know quite what you’ll hear on Hanselminutes, but it is almost always interesting and never wastes your time.  Scott never misses a week.

I was on show 348 talking about ServiceStack.

Also on show 322 talking about fitness.

And, show 305 talking about Xamarin

Yet Another Podcast – Jesse Liberty’s excellent podcast that mostly revolves around Windows, Web and .NET development.  Jesse is great at asking questions and really dissecting the core of an issue or technology.

I was on show 113 talking about ServiceStack

And I was on the a yet to be released episode which was a round table about ServiceStack

Herding Code – A primarily .NET focused show with 4 hosts: K. Scott Allen, Kevin Dente, Scoot Koon and Jon Galloway.  Lots of good discussions on this show.  I like how this show tends to deep dive into technologies.  Show schedule is a bit sporadic, but it is still going strong.

Windows Developer Show – This podcast mostly focused on Windows Phone development, but even though I don’t do much Windows Phone development, I still listen to the show because it is just so dang funny.  The two brothers that host this show, Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk are a riot.  Seriously an entertaining show.

I was on episode 125 talking about Simple Programmer and the idea of coaching software developers in all areas of their life.

Onetug Podcast – What a great idea. Take a .NET user group and Code Camp and make podcasts from the sessions and interviews afterwards.

Oh, and hey, I’m on this one and I didn’t even know it. Check out episode 7 where I talk about ServiceStack.

Radio TFS – A podcast all about Team Foundation Server? Check. Got you covered!

Mobile Development

The Tablet Show  – Another podcast from Carl Franklin and Richard Cambell.  This show is a spin-off of .NET Rocks that primarily focuses on mobile development.  Really great info and great guests.

I was on show 15 talking about iOS and Android tools

Also on show 49 talking about building cross-platform games with MonoGame

And I did the .NET Rocks! road show for episode 60 talking about ServiceStack and MonoGame again

Gone Mobile – A relatively new podcast focused on mobile development with Greg Shackles and Jon Dick.  If you are interested in cross-platform mobile development, especially using the Xamarin tools, you’ll find this podcast to be exactly what you are looking for.

I was on episode 9 talking about how to market yourself and how mobile development can help you do it

Xamarin Podcast – Another relatively new podcast about all things Xamarin.  This podcast is more of a news recap podcast where the hosts talk about what is new in the mobile and Xamarin world.  Great way to stay current on Xamarin happenings.

Debug – A relatively new mobile focused podcast talking mostly about things mobile applications developers would be interested in.

Core Intuition – A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.  One of this hosts of this podcast is Daniel Jalkut, the creator of Mars Edit.

General Interest To Software Developers

Get Up and CODE – This seems like a good place to plug my own podcast for developers.  Yes, that is right, this is my podcast, which was once cohosted by Iris Classon.  In this podcast I talk about fitness and health topics with a software development slant.  This podcast is the intersection of programming and fitness.  I produce a new episode every week without fail.  If you have a great story and want to be on the show contact me.

Software Engineering Radio – This podcast is pretty well established and tend a little more toward the academic side of things.  There are some pretty good deep discussions about software development and technology with guests you typically don’t find anywhere else.

Drunk and Retired – This podcast is pretty fun and pretty random.  Michael Coté is an extremely likable, laid back host of this podcast that discusses a wide variety of software development topics.

FLOSS Weekly – If you are into open source software and Linux, this podcast is for you.  Lots of great topics on this professionally produced show.

Polymorphic Podcast – This podcast was almost dead, but the highly likable host, Craig Shoemaker, decided to bring it back—I know, because I just recorded and episode for it.  Craig, really turns on the quality on this podcast that covers a variety of software development topics.  Can’t wait to see more regular episodes.

Coder Radio – A weekly talk show taking a pragmatic look at the art and business of Software Development and related technologies.

Hello World Podcast – A pretty new podcast, but I am excited about it.  Shawn Wildermuth is a fantastic developer and very good at explaining technology.  This podcast focuses on well known developer’s stories of how they got started developing software.

This Developer’s Life – Quit unlike any other developer podcast out there and modeled after This American Life, this show is phenomenal.  The amount of quality Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman pack into each episode makes it worth the wait.  Never sure when a new episode is going to be released, but it is always a pleasant surprise.

Being The Worst – Not updated very often, but excellent in-depth discussions that really get into the details of software development.

CodeCast – Another new podcast.  At the time of writing this post, only two episodes released, but it looks very promising.  Can’t wait to see where they go with this.

Startups For The Rest of Us – This one is more of a business podcast, but it makes the cut, because the two hosts are developers, so there is quite a bit of overlap.

Java and JVM languages

Java Posse – One of the longest running Java podcasts.  Four brilliant hosts: Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Dick Wall and Chet Haase.  Always great discussions on this show and very detailed show notes.

Mostly Lazy – Another podcast all about Clojure.  This podcast is really new and not regularly updated, so we’ll see if it survives, but it seems to be doing go so far.

The Changelog – Great podcast about open source software.  Lots of great topics around the hottest things in the open source space, with a heavy emphasis on Node.js.

JavaScript and Web

Nodeup – A relatively new podcast about—you guessed it—Node.js.

JavaScript Jabber – Finally, a podcast dedicated to all things JavaScript.  If you want to stay up to date on JavaScript, subscribe to this show.

The JavaScript Show – Another great JavaScript podcast hosted by Peter Cooper and Jason Seifer.  Peter, runs a few huge weekly software development newsletters.  This show is relatively new, but it seems to be going strong.

WebDevRadio – A podcast all about web development.  Seems to cover a pretty large variety of web development topics and is updated once a month.

Shop Talk Show – A newer podcast about front end web design, development and UX.  Very professionally produced podcast with weekly shows.

/dev/hell - The Development Hell Podcast. A web development podcast mostly focused on PHP development with some really great discussions.

Miscellaneous (Ruby, PHP, Erlang, etc)

Ruby Rogues – Awesome podcast for Ruby developers.  Seems to be updated regularly and has some great show notes.

PHP Town Hall – Brand new PHP podcast that talks about everything going on in the PHP world.

The Cognicast – Are you looking for a podcast dedicated to Clojure?  Good, look no further, I give you Cognicast.  A young and energetic podcast all about Clojure.

Mostly Erlang – This podcast is pretty new and mostly about Erlang and other functional programming concepts.  Definitely one I’d like to check out sometime.

Test Talks – A brand new podcast about automated testing.  Great idea.  I hope Joe keeps this thing going, because there is so much to talk about in this space.

I was on episode 3, talking about building an automated testing framework with Selenium and personal branding.

The Haskell Cast - A podcast about Haskell and functional programming.

Functional Geekery – A new functional programming podcast that spans multiple languages.


The Food Fight Show – A podcast dedicated to DevOps.  Pretty cool idea.  I hope it sticks around.

The Ship Show – Another DevOps related podcast.  Also relatively new, but has lots of interesting topics so far.

RunAs Radio – An IT / DevOps focused podcast with Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes.  This one has been around longer than the term DevOps existed.

PowerScripting Podcast – A podcast all about Powershell.  Great source of PowerShell information and updated weekly.

Oh, and if you are looking for a good podcasting microphone setup, I highly recommend the Rode Podcaster Mic with this shock mount.  Well worth the price.  Looking to start your own podcast? Check outSignalLeaf, a podcast hosting company run by a fellow developer, Derick Bailey.

And if you liked this list of podcasts, would you please do me a favor and sign up for my weekly email list here?  I’ll keep you updated with the latest Simple Programmer blog posts and send you some of the best content I write that I reserve only for my email list.


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