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Ultimate Radiant CMS Script

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Ultimate Radiant CMS Script

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This is a script that builds a Radiant CMS site with several third-party extensions I use a lot. This just saves me time from having to look up the setup commands each time. YMMV

I call this power_radiant and stick it in /usr/local/bin.

Update: this has been fixed to work with latest Radiant code (since svn path as changed and freeze:edge task no longer works). You will need Git to be installed on your machine for this to work.

radiant --database sqlite3 $1
cd $1
echo "
  adapter: sqlite3
  database: db/production.sqlite3
  adapter: sqlite3
  database: db/test.sqlite3
" > config/database.yml
svn export http://svn.radiantcms.org/radiant/trunk/extensions/shards/ vendor/extensions/shards
svn export svn://zuurstof.openminds.be/home/kaizer/svn/rails_stuff/radiant_extensions/wym_editor_filter vendor/extensions/wym_editor_filter
svn export http://svn.seancribbs.com/svn/rails/plugins/extensions/page_attachments vendor/extensions/page_attachments
#rake radiant:freeze:edge # stopped working in latest gem
git clone git://github.com/seancribbs/radiant.git /tmp/radiant
cp -r /tmp/radiant/radiant vendor/radiant
rake production db:bootstrap
rake production db:migrate:extensions
rake production radiant:extensions:wym_editor_filter:install
rake production radiant:extensions:page_attachments:update

To run: power_radiant my_site

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