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The Ultimate Tool Setup for Having a lot of Free Time While Managing Software Projects

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The Ultimate Tool Setup for Having a lot of Free Time While Managing Software Projects

Here are a few tips from a development director on how to optimize your workflow, and manage your time, no matter the particular tools you prefer to use.

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Hello, I decided to write this article because I wanted to share my management tool set up. This is the only tool setup you'll need to manage multiple software projects and still enjoy your life. Going to the gym at 10 am, enjoying 3-hour lunches, spending time with family, etc. Of course, all the products are high quality with nearly 0 bugs. So have look, and hopefully, you will find this helpful.

  • Required tools are document storage systems, ticketing system, repository, chat.
  • In the document storage system, create one folder for operation manuals, and then one folder per project.
  • Port all operation manuals to the dedicated folder (yes, it is super boring when you are creating them but this will save a lot of time once they are done).
  • Set up role based access to the projects. For every project, there are 2 roles, called project-developers and project-clients. Simply, developers can edit and clients can view and comment.
  • Make sure time tracking is done by hours.
  • In the ticketing system, make sure the following fields are mandatory: Ticket type (Bug, Task), Summary, Detailed description, Version, Priority, Responsible person.
  • In the ticketing system, get rid of all other fields.
  • Integrate the ticketing system with chatting tools so you can see messages when issues change.
  • Create a connection between repository and ticketing system. That way, commits will appear directly on the tickets.
  • Establish a commit message policy so that developers are forced to log their work time while doing commit.
  • Make sure unit tests are running everytime the central repository receives commits to the main branch.

That's it. No matter what tools you use, there is always a pretty easy way how to get into this or a similar setup. Of course, this is just one piece of the puzzle. The other piece is how to make people follow the system and be happy about it. But that's for another time.

Regarding the emails. I use emails only to communicate with 3rd parties and things not related to the projects.

Regarding the tools for the smartphone. I don't have any single one and all these just make life miserable for the people. There is no need for a manager to be available 24/7. Management is not an emergency.

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