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Understanding the Importance of Big Data

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Understanding the Importance of Big Data

More industries are realizing the potential of big data and how it can vastly improve insight—and it shows no signs of slowing down. It's important to adapt sooner rather than later.

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Big data is much more than a buzzword. It is a transformative development that will have far-reaching impacts across the business world. The power of big data lies in its ability to provide decision-makers with better insight, facilitating strategy and planning in many different industries and domains. In this post, we will discuss why big data is so important and how it will change the way businesses operate.

Customer Information

Some of the most important pieces of data that businesses want are related to how customers behave. What attracts them to the brand? How will they respond to discounts or price increases? What kind of people might be interested in the product if it had a few more features? Big data can help answer these questions by helping business managers collect as much information as possible about customers. For example, the company can record what kinds of people visit its mobile site and how they interact with pages. That can tell them about their reach to mobile users, the success of the design of their mobile site, and who their most loyal mobile customers are. Big data allows a company to gather and analyze all of this information, which before would have been too much to store easily and too difficult to analyze. New big data platforms such as Kafka Consumer include fast, easy analysis that doesn't require an advanced degree in data science to be carried out. Applying this to customer data means better insights about how to create products and market them.


Businesses are also interested in trying to predict future trends for their industry and competitors. With the help of big data, they can use forecasting to project their sales, the success of a new initiative, how a design change might alter lead conversion, and anything else they might need to know. Forecasting is easier and more accurate when you have more data, so applying big data collection tools is highly relevant. A company that can make more precise forecasts is one step ahead of its rivals. It can prepare for shifts or adapt to change in advance rather than being caught off-guard by unexpected events. In addition, many big data software suites come with forecasting built in, and some also include visualization tools, as well.

Process Improvement

Process improvement refers to a company examining its own production to see if there is anything that it can improve. For example, a hospital might want to review its completed cases to look for any way to reduce medical errors and mistaken diagnoses. A factory might want to see if it can locate the source of waste or stoppages. An e-commerce firm might want to know if some of its product pages aren't as convincing as the rest. Any of these situations can be fixed, but only if the company has enough data to find out what the problem is. Carrying out process improvement can lead to better margins and more profit, so it is worth the investment of time and attention.

Big data is a way to gather better information, and that information can improve decisions for essentially any area of business with enough creativity. More and more industries are realizing the potential of big data and how it can provide vastly improved insight. In addition, the new platforms have easy UIs and efficient tools that mean it doesn't take much time to learn and incorporate them into the workflow. The most recent applications include things like mass automated marketing that integrate big data seamlessly into a business process. Big data shows no signs of slowing down, either, so it is important to adapt sooner rather than later.

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