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The Benefits of Using Instant Messaging Software in Software Development

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The Benefits of Using Instant Messaging Software in Software Development

Face-to-face meetings and other forms of formal communication are needed in a formal organizational structure, but the importance of IM cannot be downplayed.

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Developing an instant messaging software is not an easy task. A lot of input is expected from a developer. Once developed, the system is usually expected to work perfectly well. However, every user always complains about some common problem that has to do with a guarantee given by software developers. Someway, somehow, the guarantees given will break down. From an axiomatic view, anything built on such a software becomes unsound. The situation is the determinant of whether the problem remains mild or becomes catastrophic.

Since there are many systems promising these guarantees, it is only viable that you check on the extent of the guarantee. At no cost should you depend on such guarantees for your enterprise instant messaging. Some experts consider being reliant on such guarantees to be a bad pattern in distributed system design.

The focus should be on how the system behaves and on observing when it reaches the breaking point to avert any imminent threat of the problem shifting from a mild one to a catastrophic one.

However, any business organization will have to use instant messaging services as a way of boosting business interaction. Just like a telephone conversation, IM is instant with an added benefit of recording the exchange for future reference should it be needed.

Customized vs. Off-the-shelf Software

There are different software available for making IM possible and effective. Regardless of the software you choose, you should ensure that it is customized to meet your specific needs. Custom IM software has various benefits for a business. Though ready-made software is also good, it is better to use custom IM software for the following top benefits.

The Benefits Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging Improves Communication

One of the greatest benefits of using custom IM software is to improve communication in the workplace. As mentioned earlier on, communication is quite important to the success of any business. With a clear communication model, there is bound to be great improvement in communication. Instant Messaging allows for a message to pop up immediately it has been sent therefore making it visible for the receiver. This improves the quality of communication since staff will exchange ideas in the workplace effectively. Opting for off-the-shelf means using basic IM communication which may not be as effective as the customized one.

Instant Messaging Reduces Interruptions

Another benefit that one gets by using IM is reduced interruptions. The majority of businesses develop custom IM software as a way of avoiding phone calls, emails, or personal visits. This allows workers to communicate from their respective working stations without being interrupted by frequent information that are passed around. It is quite common to say that reduced interruptions lead to greater productivity and hence the importance of using custom IM software to reduce interruptions in the workplace for greater productivity.

Instant Messaging Improves Customer Service

Another way in which custom IM software is helpful to a business is through improvement of customer service. If you get a specialized custom IM software developer, you will be able to establish a close contact with your customers and work to improve customer service. Customers like real-time response to their inquiries. It is only through IM that a business can be able to offer instant replies to the customers and make them happy with the kind of services provided. Remember, the key to success here lies in getting a good custom IM software developer who understands your business requirements.

Instant Messaging Is Cost-Effective

When you use custom IM software, you can enjoy higher ROI. This makes it a cost-effective method of communicating. The silent but primary aim of any business is to gain profits. There is no better way of making money than saving it in the first place. Using custom IM software is the best way to start saving money in your business. It is a cheap and yet effective way of communicating in the workplace. It beats conventional ways such as telephone services. Furthermore, it saves money that could be used in travelling to the field to deliver messages to workers out in the field. All you need to do to enjoy this financial benefit is to have custom software that will work to help you cut some operational costs.

Instant Messaging Increases Sales

A study conducted by the American Marketing Association shows that live chats contribute to over 20% increase in conversion rates. The same study attributes IM to deliver the ROI of about 300%. These figures clearly show that there is great financial gain when a business opts for custom IM software to use it to set up an effective live chat with its customers. A business seeking to increase its sales should therefore adopt custom IM software.

Instant Messaging  Enables Faster Problem Resolution

Another great benefit that businesses get for using IM is offering solutions to emerging problems efficiently. This is done at two levels. The first level is offering solutions to internal problems facing the company. If there is a problem in the workplace, IM is able to connect with the problem solver instantly. The second level is that of solving customers’ problems. With custom IM software in place, customers do not have to wait for long periods to get assistance with their problems. The solutions are instant and customers remain happy with the organization.

Instant Messaging  Provides Competitive Advantage

You are probably asking yourself how custom IM software can provide competitive advantage. Well, a report by TELUS International indicated that a large number of online businesses still do not have live chat options on their websites. This means that if you go ahead and create custom IM software for your website, you will have competitive advantage over other businesses that do not have this feature. Therefore, you are likely to gain more customers by having this software as part of your service options.

Instant Messaging Breaks Down Barriers

There are several barriers to effective communication. One such barrier is distance. A far physical distance can cause communication issues. For example, if you have a company with the back office crew located in another country, then you will have face hurdles, especially with urgent information. With custom IM software, you can break this barrier and work towards improving communication with every member of your staff regardless of their distance. The same is applicable to instances when you have a working crew in the field who need to communicate with colleagues in real time.

Instant Messaging Provides Reports and Analytics

If you get a good custom IM software, you can be able to compile all your reports and write a comprehensive analysis of a given subject. This is because you have all the information that you need lined up in a thread just for you to retrieve. It also enables you to track the number of visitors who use the live chat option.


There are seemingly unending benefits of using custom Instant Messaging software. Those mentioned above only show the top gains that a business is likely to get when using this software. It is clear that all businesses should embrace the trending technology of IM and use custom Instant Messaging software to enjoy the above mentioned benefits plus many more.

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