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Unit Testing Spring with Mockito & PowerMock

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Unit Testing Spring with Mockito & PowerMock

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I’ve updated my Spring Mockito Demo app that I demonstrate when teaching with a PowerMock of a final class with a static method.

Demo Features

  • Maven 3.0
  • Maven Enforcer plugin restricting use of commons-logging, log4j, slf4j > 1.5, maven version range & java 1.6
  • All Maven plugin and java dependency versions are current and managed in properties of pom.xml
  • Maven Versions plugin for evaluating current configuration for any version updates of dependencies
    • mvn versions:display-dependency-updates scans dependencies and reports dependencies with newer versions
    • mvn versions:display-plugin-updates scans plugins and reports plugins with newer versions
    • To get the version changes w/o the ones that haven’t changed : mvn versions:display-dependency-updates | grep " -> "
  • Logback configuration with SLF4J
  • Mockito tests of the controller layer (services are mocked)
  • PowerMock configuration testing a final class with static method
  • All tests are true Unit tests, no use of Spring Context in tests, including the context creates integration tests

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From http://gordondickens.com/wordpress/2011/10/22/unit-testing-spring-with-mockito-powermock/

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