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Unit Testing Succinctly

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Unit Testing Succinctly

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“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” Alvin Toffler.

My 2013’s motto is LEARNING, learn how to be a better human, learn about life, science, cultures and of course as a developer learn as much technical things as I can. And to be honest, learning for free is not that bad and that is why I keep an eye on my twitter feed to be among the first to get discounts or free goodies.

One of the cool FREE resources is the Syncfusion eBooks. Wait! You didn’t hear about them and you want to know how I did? But first you want to know what Syncfusion is, right? Okay, okay…

Syncfusion & the Succinctly eBooks

Syncfusion is a 12-year-old company providing a range of enterprise-class software components and tools for .Net platform.

And since I’m a user of their Metro Studio, I keep getting notifications with all the discounts and free goodies. You may have seen some tweets about the FREE eBooks, the Succinctly eBooks.

Each one of these is about a different technology and programming language (Azure, TypeScript, WPF etc.).

Unit Testing Succinctly

The book I am reading right now is the Unit Testing Succinctly.

In a nutshell, this 128 pages book will help you understand and use unit tests in your projects.

unit test cover

The eBook covers exactly 12 chapters

  • Why Unit Test?
  • What is Unit Testing?
  • Proving Correctness
  • Strategies for Implementing Unit Tests
  • Look before You Leap: The Cost of Unit Testing
  • How Does Unit Testing Work?
  • Common Unit Test Tools
  • Testing Basics
  • Unit Testing with Visual Studio
  • Unit Testing with NUnit
  • Advanced Unit Testing
  • Unit Testing for Other Purposes

Why Unit Test?

If you are going to make the effort to learn and, spend time to implement unit tests, you should understand why you are doing it. It does make sense, right? ;)

By reading the Unit Testing Succinctly eBook, you will understand that unit tests help measuring correctness, maintaining working code and covering all code execution paths.

What is Unit Testing?

You may have heard about unit tests (especially that one tweet “If you are not using Unit tests, you are doing it wrong”) but you have no idea what is it really or how to do it.

This chapter is the answer for you, it explains in details and precise words what is a Unit, a Test and what is unit testing?

Proving Correctness

As mentioned for Chapter one, one of the reasons of unit testing is to prove correctness.

This chapter covers in details the meaning of proving correctness from a developer point of view and how to do it exactly from verifying the contract to verifying data transformation results.

Strategies for Implementing Unit Tests

I bet you have many questions in your head right now especially if you are not used to unit testing. Is it possible to use it while I’m already done with the application and I’m in the maintenance phase? Should I write my tests before coding?

Well, all the answers you need are in this chapter.

Look before You Leap: The Cost of Unit Testing

This chapter is a formalized look at the cost and benefits of unit testing.

How Does Unit Testing Work?

If we are investing time to understand and implement Unit tests, it is because we want to use them. This Chapter explains how you can use Unit tests and how they work. It contains code samples to better explain how to load assemblies, find methods and invoke them.

Common Unit Test Tools

In this chapter, things get more technical. You can find some of the most used and known unit test tools like NUnit and Visual Studio Unit Test.

Testing Basics

A brief chapter in which the author guides you on the unit testing process, how to deal with bugs, report and track them.

That is not everything


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Optionally, you can follow me on twitter ;)

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