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Universal File Mover v1.0.0

Capitalware Inc. would like to announce the official release of Universal File Mover v1.0.0. It is a free open source project.

Universal File Mover (UFM) is more than a simple tool to manage the transfer of files. It allows the user to combine business processes into a workflow. The user combines a series of Action commands to create the UFM Workflow XML file. UFM is supported on AIX, HP-UX, IBM i (OS/400), Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows.

UFM currently contains 40 Action commands. The action commands are in 5 categories: WebSphere MQ Actions, Network Actions, File Actions, Control Actions and Other Actions.

UFM can transfer files in 1 of 5 ways: FTP, HTTP, SCP, SFTP and WebSphere MQ. For example, UFM can retrieve a file from a remote server via FTP and then send it via WebSphere MQ to another server. UFM can move/transfer files in any combination the user wishes.

A centralized Status queue can be defined in the UFM Workflow XML, which will cause a status message to be generated with the details of each Action as they are processed. The Universal File Mover Status Monitor can be used to view the Status queue for information on the outcome of each processed UFM Workflow.

Capitalware has created Universal File Mover Status Monitor application that is designed to display the UFM Workflow status messages from the UFM status queue. The display is automatically refreshed every 60 seconds (default value). Any UFM Workflow that has a non-zero “Exit Code” will be highlighted in red, so that the user can quickly identify problem Workflows.

Universal File Mover and Universal File Mover Status Monitor are licensed under Apache License 2. They are free to use but support is not included. A support license may be purchased.

For more information about UFM, please go to: http://www.capitalware.biz/ufm_overview.html

Roger Lacroix
Capitalware Inc.

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