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Unsafe Operations: Terminology, Hazards, and the End Result

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Unsafe Operations: Terminology, Hazards, and the End Result

This article explores some of the user interface choices that could be made to emphasize that certain operations are unusual and prevent unintended usage.

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Dave had an interesting comment about the previous post in this topic.

Actually I would have kept the original terms. Clarity is way more important than 'protecting' a click-and-point administrator. If an administrator is so incredibly stupid to experiment with an production cluster, then it is his right!

To protect against accidental hits on the very big 'leave cluster' button, you can ask the admin to enter a 3 digit number that is displayed to confirm the action. But leaving and joining a cluster are de facto industry terms which makes it easier for admins coming from other data storage solutions to get a handle on RavenDB.

I think that there is some confusion regarding the actual terms. Here is the current UI, after the changes I discussed in the previous post:


As you can see, we have “Add another server to cluster,” and “Leave cluster,” which are standard and common operations, they are what you’ll use in pretty much all cases.

The advanced cluster operations are unsafe, they are there to enable the operator to recover from a disaster that took the majority of the cluster down. Those aren’t standard operations, they are hidden by default under “Advanced,” and even then we want to make sure that users are thinking about them.

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