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Upcoming Event: HTML5 Testing with Rebecca Hauck

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Just passing this along - it sounds like a great event and if I wasn't actually speaking at a conference at the same time, I'd attend. This event will be held online, August 8th, at 12PM CST. Details here: http://techlive.adobe.com/ai1ec_event/html5-testing-with-rebecca-hauck/?instance_id=818. (As a reminder, check out the main TechLive site for other upcoming events as well.)

Test the Web Forward is a community-based grass roots movement with the goal of improving the quality of the Web by fostering knowledge to write high quality tests for W3C specifications. Through a series of events held worldwide, editors and experts on many highly popular W3C specs work with the community to educate and assist web developers who wish join in and contribute. Test the Web Forward is becoming the go-to place for resources on how to read specifications, understand the state of support among different browsers, and learns of ways to ensure that browsers implement features consistently. It is helping to shape the future of the web and you can help, too!

In this discussion, Alan Greenblatt will be speaking with Rebecca Hauck. Rebecca will be giving an overview of the current state of the Open Web and the very important and urgent need for interoperability tests. She'll then talk about how crowdsourcing is an effective means to create these tests and will give a short tour of past Test the Web Forward events around the world. Finally, she'll let you know how you can get involved and join this passionate community of Web enthusiasts.

This is the first of several upcoming events on Test the Web Forward, so please come join us and help shape this and future events! You might learn a thing or two about a very important subject for the Open Web.

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