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An Update on “Web Scraping with PHP”

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An Update on “Web Scraping with PHP”

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Several people have asked me the same question recently, so I decided to take a blog post to provide an answer. The question is, “When will ‘Web Scraping with PHP‘ be available in print?” Answering requires a bit of background to paint a full picture of where things are now.

I turned in the manuscript for the book, which had already gone through technical editing, back in April 2009. That’s right, 14 months ago. After going through proofreading and layout, having a cover designed, getting an ISBN, and so forth, the digital version of the book finally went up for sale about three months ago.

At that point, I asked if print copies would be available at php|tek. The publisher sounded unsure, but told me that they would see what they could do. I was later told that the book had gone through printing and that arrangements had been made for a box to be shipped to the hotel on the Monday prior to the conference starting. It didn’t arrive at any point before or during the conference.

After the conference was over (now about two months ago), I was told that the box had finally arrived at the hotel the following Wednesday. I’m not sure how this was known, because the box was never recovered from the hotel to be shipped elsewhere.

The publisher then resolved to request another box from the printer. This box would have to be shipped to someone to proof the printed copies for quality assurance, then the books would go on sale. I was told about this resolution in early June, about five or six weeks ago. I’ve been in touch with the person responsible for proofing the books; they haven’t been received yet.

I have no direct contact with the printer, so all I’ve been able to do is e-mail the publisher repeatedly (six times and counting) since then asking for an update. Through an instant messenger conversation, I was told that a call was supposed to be placed to the printer early last week to determine what the status of things was. So far as I know, that call was never made, or at least I was never told of the result.

I’m as frustrated with this situation as anyone. I want the book to be available to people who want to read it in the format they prefer. If you are in this audience, please contact the publisher to voice your opinion. You can do so by using this contact form on their web site or by sending them a tweet on Twitter. Thank you all very much for your continued support.


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