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Update: Newest Security Zone is Growing Fast

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Update: Newest Security Zone is Growing Fast

It's been 76 days since the Security Zone made its debut on DZone.com - and developers are lovin' it!

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Earlier this year, we launched our newest portal - the Security Zone. This new Zone focuses on the world of web app and database security, offering tutorials, trends, and solutions to help developers combat vulnerabilities and security breaches.

Well, it's been 76 days since it's debut on DZone.com - and developers are lovin' it.

Security Zone by the Numbers

  • 212 of articles published

  • Over 171,000 page views since January

  • 35,480 subscribers on the Security Spotlight newsletter

  • 2 awesome pilot sponsors - Waratek and Immunio

Growth of the Security Zone

This graph shows just how much the Security Zone has grown since January 15th: 

Image title

The Security Zone has seen tremendous growth! And it's doesn't show any signs of stopping.

Security Zone Love

And it's not just the Security Zone page views and Spotlight newsletter subscribers that prove developers are happy about the Zone. They're taking it to Twitter as well, sharing article after article with the software twitterverse. 

Below are just a few examples of tweets mentioning the Security Zone: 

Security Zone on DZone

Security Zone on Twitter

Image title

And there's tons more, too! Check out these search results to see all the Security-related articles making their way around Twitter. 

Who's Reading the Security Zone

Security is an important part of the software development process. It reaches into all phases of the SDLC, making it necessary for architects, programmers, QA testers, SysAdmins, and more to understand the potential vulnerabilities an unsecure program can bring about. 

So who makes up the Security Zone? We break it down below:


  • 91% are male

  • 9% are female


  • 37% are between the ages of 25-34

  • 39% are between 35-44

  • 16% are between 45-54

  • 8% are between 18-24


Security Zone readers are all over the globe, but predominantly in Austraila, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States


  • 58% read the Security Zone on their desktop, while 37% read on their tablet.

Article Preferences

Security Zone readers prefer opinion-type articles (66%), followed by tutorials (24%), news (6%), and lastly, analysis/research (4%).

Popular Articles in the Security Zone

Developers are hungry for resources on internet, database, and web app security. Here are some of the most popular articles on the topic since opening the Zone:

1. Linus Tovald's House (Comic) by Daniel Stori

2. Linux Iptables Firewall Simplified Examples by Seco Max

3. Steps to Building Authentication and Authoritization for Restful APIs by Derric Gilling

4. Top 5 REST API Security Guidelines by Guy Levin

5. Using HTTPS to Secure Your Websites: An Intro to Web Security by Sebastian Peyrott


We wouldn't have been able to create this new portal without the help of Waratek and Immunio.

We're looking forward to the next 76 days - hoping to see more developers use the Security Zone to grow their knowledge and skills surrounding security. 

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