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Updated Eclipse EmbSysReg Viewer with Extra Freescale SVD Files

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The EmbSysReg Viewer (http://embsysregview.sourceforge.net/) has been updated with even more Freescale SVD (System View Description) files, with a current count of 96 devices.


Eclipse EmbSysRegViewer

See “How to Add Register Details View in Eclipse” how to install and use the plugin.To install:

  1. Use the Eclipse updater to install the plugins from http://embsysregview.sourceforge.net/update
  2. Download the latest zip archive file version from the sourceforge page (https://sourceforge.net/projects/mcuoneclipse/files/Eclipse%20Plugins/EmbSysReg/). Place the files from the archive over your Eclipse installation.

The earlier v0.2 patch file included support for 33 devices:

V0.2 supported devices

V0.2 supported devices

The new v0.3 zip file now includes 96 devices :-) :

v0.3 supported devices

v0.3 supported devices

Users of the earlier v0.2 can install the new package over the existing files.

To open the view, use the menu Window > Show View and select the EmbSys Register view:

Show View EmbSys Registers

Show View EmbSys Registers

Use the view icon to select the register file to be used:

Set Register File

Set Register File

Then select the device you want to use:

EmbSys Register View Device Selection

EmbSys Register View Device Selection

To read/change the register variables, double-click in the item:

Double Click to read register values

Double Click to read register values

:!: Note that the current SVD files from Freescale (and other vendors) do *not* contain the ARM core registers (NVIC, etc). According to ARM, this ‘intentional’ as they expect the debugger to give native access to the ARM core registers, and not to duplicate content in the SVD files. I hope this will change soon (e.g. the SVD files be able to reference the core registers somehow), as otherwise SVD files are somewhat limited. Or has anyone SVD files for the ARM core registers so the community can benefit from it?

See also:

  1. How to Add Register Details View in Eclipse
  2. EmbSys Registers View with CMSIS-SVD dimElementGroup

Happy Viewing :-)

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