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Upgrading to Selenium 3 With My First Selenium Project

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Upgrading to Selenium 3 With My First Selenium Project

Alan Richardson provides a thorough walkthrough on how you can upgrade to the newest version of Selenium, along with a video.

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Selenium 3 is out and you can read the big announcement here. It's available to start using now.

I’ll be checking my course against Selenium 3 later, but for the moment, here are the steps that you need to take to upgrade.

Upgrading to Selenium 3.0

Using startUsingSeleniumWebDriver as an example.

Change the pom.xml


This becomes:



Not Quite Ta-Da

For Marionette, we need to update to the most recent version, which can be found here. Note: Version 11.0.1 was used at the time of writing.

With Selenium 3, MarionetteDriver is deprecated. My test MyFirstTestFF48 uses MarionetteDriver. I can see that MarionetteDriver is deprecated, but it still works, provided that I have Marionette Geckodriver setup correctly.

It works if I install v 11.0.1 of Marionette Driver and have it named as geckodriver.exe on the path. However, I should migrate away from using MarionetteDriver in my code because it is deprecated.

Back to FirefoxDriver

FirefoxDriver now defaults to use the Marionette driver. So I can use Marionette by running my FirefoxDriver test, which uses Selenium 3, by default. Now:

  • FirefoxDriver now uses Marionette.
  • I no longer have to rename geckodriver.exe to wires.exe
  • I now use geckodriver.exe

If you want to switch between 2.53.1 and 3.0.0, then I’d add the Marionette driver folder to the path and:

  • Have Version 0.9.0 named as wires.exe
  • Have Version 11.0.1 named as geckodriver.exe

My Firefox test, mvn test -Dtest=MyFirstTest, works if I install Version 11.0.1 of Marionette Driver and have it named as geckodriver.exe on the path and I use FirefoxDriver to instantiate the driver.

Firefox Marionette Summary:

To use Marionette geckodriver.exe for Firefox with Selenium 3:

  • Install the latest version of geckodriver.exe here.
  • Add geckodriver.exe to the path.
  • Use FirefoxDriver in your code.

Legacy Firefox?

What if you want to use the built-in FirefoxDriver, i.e., for Firefox Extended Support Release or portable Firefox? Well, you still can! You just have to:

  • Set the Firefox driver capability “Marionette” to false.
  • Set the firefox_binary capability to the path of your Legacy Firefox.

For example:

DesiredCapabilities capabilities = DesiredCapabilities.firefox();
capabilities.setCapability("marionette", false);
       new File(System.getProperty("user.dir"),
WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(capabilities);

Work to Do

I have some work to do to update the startUsingSeleniumWebDriver and check my course tests against Selenium 3. If I have to update, anything I’ll blog about it.


  • Update pom.xml to use <version>3.0.0</version>.
  • Download the latest version ofgeckodriver.exe.
  • Add geckodriver.exe to the path.
  • Use FirefoxDriver in your code.
  • Set the "Marionette" capability to false if you want to use legacy FirefoxDriver.

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