Upgrading to the Sharp 128x128 Memory Display

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Upgrading to the Sharp 128x128 Memory Display

If you use Sharp's displays for your breakout boards, you might find them approaching end of life. Sharp's 128x128 display is pin compatible and easy to configure.

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In my article “Low Power LCD: Adafruit Breakout Board with Sharp Memory Display,” I used a 96×96 Sharp Display (LS013B4DN04) with the Adafruit breakout board. But because that one seems to be EOL (End Of Life), I searched for a replacement. I have found the 128×128 pixel version (Sharp LS013B7DH03), and best of all, it is pin compatible! With a small tweak of the driver, it works.

Sharp Memory Display 128x128

Sharp Memory Display 128×128

I ordered the LS013B7DH03 from Mouser — it cost around US$20. I used the breakout module from Adafruit, which comes with the 96×96 display. I have found a bare breakout module on tindie.

I disconnected the original display and inserted the cable for the new display into the Adafruit breakout board:

Replaced Display on Adafruit Breakout Board

Replaced display on Adafruit breakout board

Supporting the new display with Processor Expert was a matter of minutes: adding a property for the new display resolution and everything worked out of the box:

Processor Expert Display Driver Settings

Processor expert display driver settings

To me, the 128×128 display is even better than the 96×96 one: not only a higher resolution, but in my view, it has better contrast and view angle:

Font Demo

Font demo

Display Test

Display test

The component will be available with the next component release, or you can get it now from the GitHub (links below) repository (tinyK20 with Kinetis Design Studio project).

Happy Sharping!


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