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Uploading Test Execution Reports to Katalon Analytics

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Uploading Test Execution Reports to Katalon Analytics

When you know how an execution performs, you can improve test script quality by reducing execution time, optimizing the test suite, and quickly detecting flaky tests.

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This tutorial will show you how to upload Katalon Studio execution reports to Katalon Analytics and answer the most important question in the QA process: How well does an execution perform? Being able to answer this question, you can improve the quality of your test scripts by reducing execution time, optimizing the test suite, and quickly detecting unstable/flaky tests.

For this tutorial, let’s assume that you have been using Katalon Studio as a test automation solution, and there are existing collections of Katalon Studio test execution reports. Great! Let’s get started.

Introduction to Katalon Analytics

Katalon Analytics (Beta) brings users to the next level of visualizing Katalon Studio test execution reports. This web-based application provides an in-depth understanding of test execution through powerful visualization of charts, graphs, and reports. Thus, users can make informed decisions on the quality of application build.

Katalon Analytics is designed to allow users to upload execution reports from both Katalon Studio and CLI (recommended for uploading multiple execution reports).

The Katalon Analytics team welcomes any suggestion and feedback to help make this web application better serve users.

Upload Your First Execution Reports From Katalon Studio

  1. Navigate to the Katalon Analytics portal and log in using the same account used with Katalon Studio.
  2. Once logged in, the main dashboard of Katalon Analytics will be displayed.

Create a new Project before uploading any Katalon Studio test execution reports. Click on the Settings icon > Projects. Provide a name under Create a new project: and click Create. A new project will be created with a unique ID.

Create a new Project before uploading any Katalon Studio test execution reports

  1. Next, enable Katalon Analytics integration to upload execution reports. In Katalon Studio, select Project > Settings > Integration > Katalon Analytics.
  2. Check the Enable integration box. The configuration setting will be enabled for editing. Enter the required information and click Connect.
  • Server URL: https://analytics.katalon.com
  • Email: Katalon Studio email
  • Password: Katalon Studio password

Check the Enable integration box

  1. After connecting successfully to Katalon Analytics, all relevant teams and projects will be retrieved from Katalon Analytics and displayed. Select a preferred team and project from the drop-down menu. You can also create a new project by clicking on New Project.

    Create a new project by clicking on New Project.

  2. Next, select the options to automatically or manually upload execution reports to Katalon Analytics by checking/unchecking Automatically submit test run result. If checked, Katalon Studio will automatically upload execution reports to Katalon Analytics in the future. You can also select preferred attachment types (screenshots or logs) for automatically submitting reports.

    Automatically submit test run result

  3. Click OK when done.

  4. Navigate to Reports in Test Explorer. Click on any preferred report to view details and upload.

    Navigate to Reports in Test Explorer

  5. Click on Katalon Analytics located at the upper right corner. Select Upload.

    upload test execution report

  6. Once finished, switch to Katalon Analytics to viewthe uploaded report. Select the Team and Project that are integrated with Katalon Studio.

Congratulations! You have just finished uploading the first execution report to Katalon Analytics.

Uploading Multiple Execution Reports From CLI

  1. Before uploading a Katalon Studio reports folder to Katalon Analytics, you will need to have Java JRE installed and download Katalon Studio reports uploader (JAR file).
  2. In Katalon Analytics, select Settings > Projects. If you have already created a project, please note down its ID. If not, provide a name for a new project and click Create. Once a new project is created, Katalon Analytics will generate a Project ID. This tutorial uses a project whose ID is 6.
  3. Next, the local path of the Katalon Studio Reports folder is required. To get the path, in Katalon Studio, navigate to the Reports section of Test Explorer and select a preferred report folder. Right-click > Open Containing Folder. You will be redirected to the Katalon Studio report folder on the local drive. Copy the report folder’s path. For example, the folder is C:\Users\Katalon\Katalon Studio\Katalon Keywords\Reports.
  4. Start CLI. The Window Command Line is used for this tutorial. Enter the following syntax:
    java -jar../katalon-report-uploader-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    --kit.server.api=http://analytics.katalon.com --projectId=1 --path=""
    --email= --password=


    JAR file path can be an absolute path or relative path
    Katalon Analytics projects’ ID
    path=" "
    Local path of the Katalon Studio Reports folder
    email and password Your Katalon Studio account’s credentials

    Start CLI

  5. Once finished, navigate back to Katalon Analytics to view the analyzed reports.

Now, you can upload execution reports from Katalon Studio and CI. It’s time to leverage Katalon Analytics' powerful dashboard to pivot your test automation strategy, focus on high-risk areas, detect flaky tests, and have a better control of the product quality.

Please refer to Katalon Studio tutorials to get more helpful information and guidelines!

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