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How Billy Mobile Gets Fast Data-Driven Insights With MariaDB ColumnStore and Tableau

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How Billy Mobile Gets Fast Data-Driven Insights With MariaDB ColumnStore and Tableau

Many open-source columnar databases don't scale as data grows. But Billy Mobile got up and running with MariaDB ColumnStore and Tableau quickly and easily — and saw immediate results.

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Startups acutely feel the technology challenges of running a business. The consequences of implementing a technology that doesn’t deliver the anticipated performance, security, or ROI can be disastrous. Unlike long-established companies, startups don’t have the luxury of making time-intensive customizations or waiting for vendor-delivered fixes or upgrades.  

About Billy Mobile

Billy Mobile is a fast-growing mobile advertising startup. With headquarters in Barcelona and offices in Singapore, Billy Mobile operates exclusively in the mobile arena of the ad tech industry. Billy Mobile is an ad exchange that programmatically connects advertisers with high traffic publishers in a mobile environment.

Our mission is to optimize advertisers’ ROI and to maximize publishers’ income. Billy Mobile’s competitive advantage is located in the optimization and real-time capacity of its technological platform, Active Bx, an automated, in-house developed and exclusively used algorithm capable of creating predictive models to decide when, where and to whom an advertisement will be shown, thereby attaining the highest performance. 

The Challenge

Billy Mobile serves approximately 400 million advertisements a day around the world — primarily in Asia and Europe. With this volume, we needed responsive business intelligence (BI) on more than half a billion events a day to glean key insights into the health of our business and to improve customer service.

We needed the right solution that gave us speed and insight while also allowing for scalability.

We knew we wanted an open-source, columnar database. Also, the ability to build out and run queries in parallel for high performance and fast results was extremely important. Unfortunately, many of the open-source solutions we researched didn’t give us these features while also giving us the speed we needed.

Lastly, we needed a database technology that could, out-of-the-box, integrate with our BI solution, Tableau.

The Solution

Several months ago, we deployed MariaDB ColumnStore and have immediately seen results.

With MariaDB ColumnStore, Billy Mobile is able to easily aggregate and continually update approximately 10 million rows of data per hour. MariaDB ColumnStore allows Billy Mobile to accomplish something we never had before: fast, interactive analysis of big data. Using MariaDB ColumnStore with Tableau, we can explore, drill down, and filter data, resulting in valuable insights in less than ten seconds.

I’m grateful to MariaDB for saving us so much time and giving us a quick ROI. I don’t know of any other open source column-based databases with similar parallelism that you can lay a third-party BI software on.

Learn More

Billy Mobile was able to get up and running with MariaDB ColumnStore and Tableau quickly and easily — and they saw immediate results. Learn more about MariaDB ColumnStore, a core component of MariaDB AX, our enterprise open-source solution for modern data analytics and data warehousing. You can get started today and download MariaDB AX here.

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