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Use jQuery Plugins With Conflicting Names on the Same Page in ASP.NET

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Use jQuery Plugins With Conflicting Names on the Same Page in ASP.NET

Read on to see how this developer handled a naming conflict between a jQuery plugin and an ASP.NET web application.

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Recently, I have installed a new jQuery plugin (jQuery Masked Input Plugin by Josh Bush) to my application. I'd noticed that my existing masking functionality, that I'd already had in place, was broken somehow. Later, I found that there was a name conflict between my existing plugin and the new jQuery Masked Input Plugin that I had installed. Both plugins had the same name function "mask." In this article, we will see how we can solve it.

Problem: Error Due to jQuery Plugins With Conflicting Names

custom-extensions.js: has a mask function.

jquery.maskedinput.js: also has a mask function.


contactus.js: which was using existing custom-extensions.js's mask function to mask date, stopped working after adding the new jquery.maskedinput.js plugin due to a name conflict.


_Layout.cshtml: all it needs is to rename the local copy of the mask function of jquery.maskedinput.js as shown below:

contactus.js: now I can use mask functions of both the plugins without any conflict as shown below:

That's it.

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