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Use Strict in Visual Studio

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Visual Studio is The Best IDE For JavaScript. I’ve said that many times before and it remains true that, as a JavaScript developer on ANY platform, Visual Studio will make your life easier than any other IDE. So now all good JavaScript developers know that fact, and those same good JavaScript developers also know that you ALWAYS use strict in your code.

While it is trivial to type the thirteen key strokes (I just did that to count how many it was, *sigh*, thirteen less than my allotment of keystrokes), you may want to make it even easier by using a great feature in Visual Studio called snippets. Since Visual Studio 2010 we have had support for JavaScript snippets.

So I have created a simple free snippet for you to use: the use strict snippet. Once added to Visual Studio, the snippet will let you type us and hit tab to get the use strict line in your JavaScript! Yay for simple things!

Download the snippet!

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