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Useful Online Tools to make JavaScript Devlopment Easier

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Useful Online Tools to make JavaScript Devlopment Easier

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For over 15 years, JavaScript has allowed web developers to interact with the client browser. Today, I have compiled a list of the most useful online tools to make your JavaScript developer life even easier.


Is your JavaScript code ugly or hard to read? If yes, no problem: Here is JS Beautifier, a handy tool to make your JS code more prettier and easier to read. JS Beautifier can also deobfuscate code, which can be very useful in several situations.
→ Visit JSBeautifier


When developing JavaScript, debugging is not always easy and finding errors in your code can be very time-consuming. This tool, named, JSconsole, allow easy online debugging of any JS code. A real time-saver!
→ Visit JSconsole


jsFiddle is a complete playground for web developers. It allows you to edit JavaScript, HTML and CSS snippets and share, embed or tweet them.
→ Visit jsFiddle

JS Mini

Speed is always a concern when it comes to web development. As users don’t like to wait, you have to make sure that your code will be fast to load. To do so, you should definitely make your JavaScript and jQuery code lightweight using this online tool. Code can be reduced up to 60%.
→ Visit JS Mini

JavaScript Obfuscator

Sometimes you might want to prevent from people being able to have a look at your JavaScript code. The best solution is to obfuscate your code and make it a lot harder to understand for people. This handy tool allows you to obfuscate your code online.
→ Visit JavaScript Obfuscator

Regex Pal

Regular expressions are very useful in programming, but they can also be very tricky, especially for beginners. If you need to test a JavaScript regular expression, this website is the perfect tool to do so.
→ Visit Regex Pal

JS Lint

JS Lint is a very useful tool that takes a JavaScript source and scans it. If it finds a problem, it returns a message describing the problem and an approximate location.
→ Visit JS Lint

JS String Escape

In JavaScript, special characters inside a String can really mess things up. The web server can read the JavaScript file, using the wrong encoding, the users browser can have the wrong encoding setting. A way to avoid that is to use escape codes. This online JavaScript escape tool does that automatically.
→ Visit JS String Escape

JS Pretty

JS Pretty is a free online JavaScript and jQuery beautifier tool that uncompresses and uncompacts your js code so it is readable and aligns it so it looks pretty.
→ Visit JS Pretty


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