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Useful Subversion Pre-Commit Hook Script for Linux Servers

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Useful Subversion Pre-Commit Hook Script for Linux Servers

Looking for useful subversion pre-commit hooks? Maybe this script is for you. It's a Linux bash shell script and also makes use of python.

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Looking for useful subversion pre-commit hooks? Maybe this script is for you. It's a Linux bash shell script and also makes use of python.
The script does the following:

  1. Checks whether the commit message is not empty
  2. Checks whether the commit message consists of at least 5 characters
  3. Checks if the committed files are UTF-8 compliant
  4. Checks whether the svn:eol-style property is set to LF on newly added files
  5. Checks if the committed files have no TAB characters
The UTF-8 and TAB checks are performed on the following file suffixes
  • *.java
  • *.js
  • *.xhtml
  • *.css
  • *.xml
  • *.properties (only check for TABs here, no check for UTF-8 compliance)
It should be easy to adjust those settings to your needs.


 # Make sure that the log message contains some text.  

 $SVNLOOK log -t "$TXN" "$REPOS" | \  
 grep "[a-zA-Z0-9]" > /dev/null || SVNLOOKOK=0  
 if [ $SVNLOOKOK = 0 ]; then  
  echo "Empty log messages are not allowed. Please provide a proper log message." >&2  
  exit 1  

 # Comments should have more than 5 characters  
 LOGMSG=$($SVNLOOK log -t "$TXN" "$REPOS" | grep [a-zA-Z0-9] | wc -c)  

 if [ "$LOGMSG" -lt 6 ]; then  
  echo -e "Please provide a meaningful comment when committing changes." 1>&2  
  exit 1  

 # Make sure that all files to be committed are encoded in UTF-8.  
 while read changeline;   

   # Get just the file (not the add / update / etc. status).  

   # Only check source files.  
   if [[ $file == *.java || $file == *.xhtml || $file == *.css || $file == *.xml || $file == *.js ]] ; then  
     $SVNLOOK cat -t "$TXN" "$REPOS" "$file" | $ICONV -f UTF-8 -t UTF-8 -o /dev/null  
     if [ "${PIPESTATUS[1]}" != 0 ] ; then  
       echo "Only UTF-8 files can be committed ("$file")" 1>&2  
       exit 1  
 done < <($SVNLOOK changed -t "$TXN" "$REPOS")  

 # Check files for svn:eol-style property  
 # Exit on all errors.  
 set -e  
 echo "`$SVNLOOK changed -t "$TXN" "$REPOS"`" | while read REPOS_PATH  
  if [[ $REPOS_PATH =~ A[[:blank:]]{3}(.*)\.(java|css|properties|xhtml|xml|js) ]]  
   if [ ${#BASH_REMATCH[*]} -ge 2 ]  

   # Make sure every file has the right svn:eol-style property set  
    if [ $EOL_STYLE != "`$SVNLOOK propget -t \"$TXN\" \"$REPOS\" svn:eol-style \"$FILENAME\" 2> /dev/null`" ]  
       echo "svn ps svn:eol-style $EOL_STYLE \"$FILENAME\"" >&2  
  test -z $ERROR || (echo "Please execute above commands to correct svn property settings. EOL Style LF must be used!" >& 2; exit 1)  

 # Block commits with tabs  
 # This is coded in python  
 # Exit on all errors  
 set -e  

 $SVNLOOK diff -t "$TXN" "$REPOS" | python /dev/fd/3 3<<'EOF'  
 import sys  
 ignore = True  
 SUFFIXES = [ ".java", ".css", ".xhtml", ".js", ".xml", ".properties" ]  
 filename = None  

 for ln in sys.stdin:  

     if ignore and ln.startswith("+++ "):  
         filename = ln[4:ln.find("\t")].strip()  
         ignore = not reduce(lambda x, y: x or y, map(lambda x: filename.endswith(x), SUFFIXES))  

     elif not ignore:  
         if ln.startswith("+"):  

            if ln.count("\t") > 0:  
               sys.stderr.write("\n*** Transaction blocked, %s contains tab character:\n\n%s" % (filename, ln))  

         if not (ln.startswith("@") or \  
            ln.startswith("-") or \  
            ln.startswith("+") or \  
            ln.startswith(" ")):  

            ignore = True  


 # All checks passed, so allow the commit.  
 exit 0  

Recently published Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Software Test Automation provides an objective benchmark of all test automation solutions based on industry surveys, customer inquiries, product evaluations, and more. 

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