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User Friendly Hashes With Only Upper Case Characters And Digits

I need a fast, user friendly hash. This means I want it to be only capital letters and digits. No symbols that people can't pronounce, and no mixed case to be misunderstood on the phone, etc. Use a hashing method like MD5 or SHA1 first, and then apply this..

newhash = oldhash.scan(/./).map{|t1| t2 = t1[0] % 36; t2 < 26 ? (t2+65).chr : (t2+22).chr }.join
$newhash = join "", map { $t1 = ord($_) % 36; $t1 < 26 ? chr($t1+65) : chr($t1+22) } split(//, $oldhash);
This turns any hash into only using [A-Z0-9]. Even a 8 character hash/key using [A-Z0-9] results in 2,821,109,907,456 combinations ;-)

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