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Using Apportable to Cross-Compile iOS Apps for Android

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Using Apportable to Cross-Compile iOS Apps for Android

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There are already tools and frameworks to help you create cross-platform apps for iOS and Android - PhoneGap comes to mind, for example - but you may not have heard about Apportable, a tool that allows apps written in Objective C to be cross-compiled for Android. The creators stress that Apportable is not a source code translator or Java code generator, that it compiles code to create native apps for Android, and that is definitely an interesting opportunity for mobile developers.

It's hard to imagine that there really are no hacks or fixes necessary to make this work, but for the most part, the talk surrounding Apportable sounds largely positive. You can download the SDK here, and for some credibility, check out this list of games powered by Apportable.

Have you ported an iOS app to Android using Apportable? Leave a comment with your experience and let us know: Is it actually that simple, or is there more to it than it seems?

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