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Using AI to Drive Business Value

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Using AI to Drive Business Value

With more data comes more accurate algorithms that convert disbelievers.

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Great speaking with Doron Gordon, CEO of Samanage, an IT service management company that partnered with Salesforce this year to deliver Samanage for Salesforce® and is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve internal business processes like help desk and H.R. on-boarding.

I wanted to get Doron’s perspective on the state of AI and where he sees it going.

Q: How are you and your company involved in AI?

A: We use the rich data insights that we have as a cloud solution to help prevent problems from occurring and fix them quickly when they do so there’s minimal disruption to the client. Our algorithm began with 76% accuracy and improved to 88% in three months. The cloud is a unique differentiator for businesses because they can collect a lot more data to inform the algorithm.

Q: What are the keys to a successful AI strategy?

A: We develop an AI vision with four buckets:

1) Prediction – providing a “heads-up” when a breach is about to occur or an SLA will not be met.

2) Efficiency – routing work internally so service requests are handled in as timely and cost-efficient manner as possible.

3) Self-healing – the service desk will be able to automatically resolve most Level I requests, which typically make up 70 to 80 percent of all requests, freeing up CSRs to engage clients to resolve more complex problems more quickly and with greater satisfaction.

4) Benchmark – we are able to provide insights to managers, directors, and CIOs to help them improve performance. This includes: profile customer demographics, service organizations, service requests and what performance looks like versus others in their industry and the overall Samanage portfolio of client data.

Q: How can companies benefit from AI?

A: By leveraging data to improve the experience of their employees and their customers, as well as reducing costs for the organization.

Q: How has AI changed in the past year?

A: Companies are beginning to recognize the potential value of AI and are receptive to learning more about how it can work for them.

Q: What are the technical solutions you and your clients are using for your AI initiatives?

A: Salesforce with Einstein and AWS with Elasticsearch.

Q: What are the most common issues you see preventing companies from realizing the benefits of AI?

A: Skepticism until they become comfortable with the data and the improvement of the algorithms as they get more data. Skepticism becomes trust over time.

Q: What do you think the biggest opportunities are in the implementation of AI?

A: Using AI to help teams across organizations meet their goals. For example, in IT hitting your SLA (service level agreement) is critical to how you are viewed within the organization. If you are in danger of not hitting the agreements you’ve set in place, AI uses built-in data to provide recommendations on what can be addressed or prioritized to ensure you do meet them.

Q: What have I failed to ask that you think is important to consider for AI?

A: A huge transformation is needed in the culture of the company. Whether or not AI will be successful is all about people and their receptivity to data-driven decisions. With more time and more data, everyone will be on board or left by the side of the road.

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